Silent Sunday – Tree Shadows

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103 Responses to Silent Sunday – Tree Shadows

  1. sandyjwhite says:

    Love those trunk shadows!

  2. Anne says:

    Such a quiet moment captured for our pleasure.

  3. China Dream says:

    beautiful catch, love the shadows… someone else is up late I see.. =^_^=

  4. cindy knoke says:

    Lovely & peaceful.

  5. Athira says:

    Beautiful image

  6. That’s a perfect picture, Eliza!

  7. That is truly a great photograph! Perhaps my favorite of many favorites of yours.

  8. Prior... says:

    beautiful lines and shadows

  9. Steve Tanham says:

    Love that, Eliza. Here, the lower reaches of oak tree leaves do the same.

  10. From a snowshoeing adventure perhaps? It does look peaceful. I took a walk in the woods outside town this Friday and it was very refreshing, for body and mind (-4F.)

  11. Karen Lang says:

    Bright and beautiful ☃️❄️

  12. Such a beautifully peaceful image, Eliza…

  13. Ashley says:

    A lovely image. It won’t be long before those old bronze leaves are replaced by greenery!

  14. neihtn2012 says:

    You still have a lot of snow! Half of ours has melted away, but more is coming. Very nice shot!

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Hien! About half of the 14″ we got last week has melted, but that still leaves us with a lot. And yes, they are saying three more storms this week!

  15. Cathy says:

    Your photos do me so much good Eliza – this is superb!

  16. Alice says:

    A perfect spot for deer to nibble beech leaves. I’m imagining how magical this are is with a full moon.

  17. Oh how I love the long shadows of winter! And the beech leaves clinging still to the trees… Beautiful photo, Eliza!

  18. Treah Pichette says:

    One of my favorite blues……the stripes across the snow. We sure do live in a beautiful place!

  19. Well done as the shadows give the image depth … well, at least to my eyes.

  20. Robin says:

    I love shadows on snow. So beautiful, Eliza. I like that you captured the beech with its winter leaves as a frame. 🙂

  21. bittster says:

    Shadows? I love the sun! There’s been a bunch of it lately and it feels more like March than it does February. It’s made the snow melt fast, and the polar vortex that they keep talking about just never seems to amount to anything.
    I always like how snow brings the blue of the sky down. It looks so white, but in the shadows and lower light is has that cool blue shade to it. I didn’t realize you got so much snow, I thought you might be on the edge of the last storm.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thanks, Frank. Yeah, we got 14″ in that last storm. Been having some great snowshoe walks in the woods – loving the longer days and stronger sun. More snow coming this week!

  22. Always love seeing tree shadows on the snow. The beech leaves are an added bonus.

  23. ke01341 says:

    I love how these leaves sound and visual sensory experience they gift us with during the winter

  24. Tranature - quiet moments in nature says:

    Beautiful shadows in the low sun Eliza and lovely to see so much snow 💖

  25. Debbie says:

    Tree shadows indicate you have sunshine — and that’s especially welcome during the winter months. Lovely, Eliza!

  26. tippysmom2 says:

    Such a beautiful picture. I love the virgin snow with the shadows. So peaceful.

  27. Great Photo. Oh how I would love to run through all that virgin snow, I guess it wouldnt make such a great photo though with my footprints through the middle.

  28. Nicely done. I love the shadows in the snow.. a house overlooking woods filled with American Beech might be the only thing that would get me back favorite.

  29. arlingwoman says:

    I love seeing beech leaves in the winter. Beautiful photo.

  30. dylan hereford says:


  31. Widdershins says:

    Creating their very onw barcodes. 🙂

  32. The snow allows the trees to speak their language…✨🕊

  33. gaiainaction says:

    I love the combination of the very pale blue and the light brown, it is lovely, as is the composition Eliza!

  34. Very nice Eliza! Love the cool shadows!

  35. krispeterson100 says:

    Beautiful scenery, whatever the season, Eliza.

  36. Lovely scene, so peaceful too.

  37. Dig those linear shadows.

  38. Joanne says:

    I think there’s magic in your snow-bound trees, Eliza. ❤

  39. NICE! I am always admiring shadows in the snow and love the way they follow the contours. Here the gold leaves add a little extra interest to your scene!

  40. Jane Lurie says:

    Wonderful image, Eliza. Love those long shadows and the way you framed it within the autumn leaves.

  41. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Such pretty shadows – I somehow missed this on Sunday:)

  42. Love winter shadows! I was looking at some sensitive fern fertile fronds this morning and thinking about their shadows.

  43. susurrus says:

    Like it is wearing a golden garment. And gosh – 14″ in one storm is a lot! We have less than an inch, but I put water out for the birds and next thing I knew it had frozen over.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      That is a fairly big storm, but not all that unusual for New England.
      I read that you’ve been getting some harsh storms and cold temps lately. Stay warm!

  44. naturebackin says:

    It is lovely the way those shadows undulate slightly on the snow. An unusual but effective perspective!

  45. wspines says:

    I love when the long shadows come to me it means spring is on its way. Great picture

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