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Silent Sunday – Blue Jays

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Making Tracks

Originally posted on Eliza Waters:
White-tailed Deer track Living in the country as we do, we share our land with many wild creatures. Though rarely seen as most are nocturnal, we occasionally see sign of them in a muddy footprint…

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07.12.2020 Silent Sunday-Eliza’s Cascade

Originally posted on Stephen Gingold Nature Photography Blog:
What my stream looks like in the hands of a pro… thanks, Steve! Stephen Gingold Nature Photography Blog View original post

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World Wildlife Day

Liz at Nature on the Edge posted today about WWD2020, and rather than trying to improve upon her words, I share them here. Worth the visit! Let’s all do our part to maintain and strengthen the bonds that tie us … Continue reading

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Nandina berries

Originally posted on Cindy Dyer's Blog:
© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved. I photographed these beautiful Nandina berries outside a church-turned-antique-artists place near the book fair. I was pretty certain they were Nandina berries, but in my web research,…

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Silent Sunday

Originally posted on CIMPLE – A Curious Introvert's Musings & Photos about Life and Enjoyment:
A smile for your Sunday! Just had to pass this along. 😉 CIMPLE – A Curious Introvert's Musings & Photos about Life and Enjoyment View original post

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Mandala Monday – Maple Leaves

Originally posted on Ramblings From Jewels:
The Maple trees are starting to turn here in the city!  I love all trees in the autumn (heck, I love all trees all the time), but the Maples especially capture my heart with…

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5th Blogiversary

Today is my 5th Blogiversary! The time seems to have flown since I nervously first hit the ‘Publish’ button all those years ago. I’ve learned a lot, made a fair number of new blogging friends and enjoyed the community blogging … Continue reading

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Delivering Love

According to ASPCA, “Each year, [in the USA] approximately 7.6 million animals enter animal shelters nationwide—and nearly 3 million don’t make it out.” This sad statistic brings tears to my eyes. So many lives wasted, so much love lost. However, … Continue reading

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Return On Investment

Originally posted on MK pix:
The ISP  investments in individual members of Congress can be found at The Verge.  The answer to which Congresspeople oppose net neutrality can be found here.  ⇐ From here you can tweet directly to Congress…

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