Wordless Wednesday

Julian's Bower


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In A Vase on Monday – Five ‘C’s

flower arrangementThis week, I share my last, pre-frost bouquet– one made of three ‘C’s: Calendula officinalis, Centaurea cyanus and Cosmos sulphureus. And I could add another two ‘C’s– color and contrast!

These flowers are now just a sweet memory, but my garden gave me great joy this year and I’m already looking forward to next spring, when I get to do it all over again.

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In A Vase on Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. Click the link to see arrangements made by other gardeners around the world.

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Autumn Splendor

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Walktober 2020 – Julian’s Bower

DSC_0007I’m joining Robin at Breezes at Dawn for her annual Walktober post. I was surprised to note this is my 8th Walktober! Wow, time flies!

Anyone is welcome to join in, just write your post and leave a comment or pingback to the above link. From her site, she writes, “…you do not have to walk. Most of us do, but there might be some reason you are unable to walk. Or you might prefer a drive or a bicycle ride. Maybe you want to cruise along on your longboard or paddle out on a kayak. Whatever your means of locomotion and/or transportation, you are welcome to join in. The dates for participation are October 3-18th. If you need more time, let me know.”

DSC_0031This year, I chose to visit Julian’s Bower in Shutesbury, MA. Julian Janowitz, who died just a year ago (June 5, 1929 – Oct, 22, 2019), bought the property in 1976, built a Japanese-influenced house next to the pond, and over the next 40 years created trails, boardwalks and numerous indoor and outdoor sculptures that grace the landscape. In addition to the link above, here is another newspaper article, both were written when he was still alive and had recently designated the property to be preserved through Kestral Land Trust.

It was a beautiful autumn day in the 60s(F) (18C), with a few puffy clouds drifting overhead. If I’d not been shown where this gem was by my son and his partner, I’d probably have not found it. What a hidden delight it turned out to be. Over a hundred acres of pond, bog, woods and nature trails which culminate at the top of a boulder strewn, forested hillside with a view extending 65 miles west to the Berkshire Mountains.

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As the trail winds through the woods at the edge of the pond and bog, occasionally you come upon a laminated poem written by Julian, attached to a tree or stake. Here are a few:


“These twenty-five years Strolling past this dwindling trunk, I, too, wear away. My bark, too, Wrinkles and sheds. Liver spots Spread on my branches. Moss and shelf fungus Overhang my ears. Large holes appear year by year (who knows what lives in my crevices). We go, tree and I, Aware and feeling loss. Does it make a difference Who goes first?”


“A squirrel has been here, out of the skitter, sitting on so buxom a green pillow, melted enticingly out of the snow crusts. A place to unfocus the eyes lean back against the leaves nosh a plump acorn.”


“Twenty-five years now Sharing this time and place With this rock. We see the seasons through together (if rocks could see) My mind sees all that the rock has ever seen (if rocks could see) A tumble down the mountain To its position of repose In a bed of scree and sand. The patient wait now for the next glacier (a long wait for me)”

The trail comes to a glacial cobble just beyond this boulder, where remarkably, Julian created steps out of massive stones to ascend the hillside where a sweeping view of the pond and out to the foothills awaits the climber. If you look closely, you can see the circular, white glass sculpture at the far edge of the pond.

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Below are some of the illuminated glass sculptures, which surround the house (now privately owned, separate from the trust land). Visitors are asked to be respectful when viewing the artworks. It must be wonderful to see them at night all lit up.

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A wide diversity of plants and animals make their home here. I saw frogs, salamanders, ravens, hawks, geese and a beaver dam. Moose are frequently seen here as well. Remarkably, I noted few invasive plant species, which plague so much of the land around us these days.

Thanks for joining me for this year’s Walktober. I encourage you to click Robin’s link above to see other bloggers’ Walktober posts and add your own if you are so inclined.

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In A Vase on Monday – Autumn Colors

vase of flowers

Blenko vase

This week, I share my next-to-last, pre-frost bouquet in my orange Blenko Glass vase, a perfect color for fall. This one is more of a ‘plonk’ job, but I think at this point all I wanted was to get all those flowers that I picked that day in water.

Gloriosa Daisies, with dark mahogany centers (Rudbeckia hirta), are joined by several varieties of Zinnias (Z. elegans ‘Cut and Come Again’ & ‘Thumbelina’, plus Z. x haageana ‘Persian Carpets’) and a couple white Garlic Chive blossoms (Allium tuberosum).

In A Vase on Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. Click the link to see arrangements made by other gardeners around the world.

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Silent Sunday

Acer rubrum

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Hanging On

Hanging OnLike this tree, we’re all just hanging on. Keep your chin up, folks!

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Wordless Wednesday

birds nest

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In A Vase on Monday – Autumn Orange

fall flower arrangementThis week, I continue sharing the arrangements I made from flowers salvaged before our first frost. This one is my favorite of the bunch, a nice autumnal orange to welcome the first week of October.

It is made with only three ingredients– orange Zinnias (Z. elegans ‘Cut and Come Again’), orange Cigar Plant (Cuphea ignea ‘Vermillionaire’) and the purple blooms and deliciously scented foliage of Thai Basil (Ocimum basilicum var. thyrsiflora), a culinary herb from SE Asia.

Top view, floral design

Zinnia and Cuphea, top view

In A Vase on Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. Click the link to see arrangements made by other gardeners around the world.

Zinnia and Cuphea

Zinnia and Cuphea

I hope you have a good week ahead. Stay safe and well.

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Silent Sunday

Monarch in asters

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