A Different View October 26

October 26, 2016

October 26, 2016

Another week of significant changes. The weekend brought rain and wind, and it’s been breezy every since, so off flew the leaves of maple, birch and smaller shrubs. The pines have shed their old needles. Across the way, we can see more of the barn roof and white house once hidden by large maples. Oak and beech now rule the forest.

It is very cold and windy today, with beautiful clouds scudding across the sky and with snow showers forecast tomorrow, we’ll see what happens over the next week as we transition into dormancy.

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October 11, 2016

October 18, 2016

October 18, 2016

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Wordless Wednesday


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In A Vase On Monday – Autumn Hues

img_5905My orange Blenko vase was just the thing to hold an arrangement featuring all the hues of autumn, starting with orange and yellow calendula (C. officinalis).

img_5909Small wands of wild goldenrod (Solidago sp.), picked from an area that was mowed in August, managed to bloom despite the setback.


Beaded seed heads of lamb’s quarters (Chenopodium album), gray-green tinged with burgundy, caught my eye and matched the hues of other leaves colored by frosty weather – raspberry (Rubus ‘Heritage’) and the flocked leaves of doublefile viburnum (V. plicatum var. tomentosum ‘Mariesii’).

img_5904Yellowed lady fern fronds (Athyrium filix-femina) were a must and vertical touches were provided by fountain grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides).

img_5903Thanks to Cathy at Rambling In the Garden, who hosts a weekly meme to showcase what is blooming in our gardens. Wander over to see what gardeners all over the world are arranging this week.

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Walktober 2016

img_5666As I head out on my walk through our woods and along our little river, the air is soft and warm, a perfect Indian Summer day in the upper 60sF (20C). A few soft clouds drift in a Wedgewood blue sky. There is a light breeze and occasional gusts tug at the orange and yellow leaves that lift and swirl, a golden rain of parting. Cherry tree leaves, all shed but the last ones that cling to the terminal end of every branch, flutter like golden pennants at a joust.

img_5860Backlit by the sun, blueberry leaves are carmine splashes against a gray and brown background.

Juncos twitter and titmice call a nasally ‘dee-dee-dee’ from the undergrowth with a sudden flutter of wings as I draw too close for their comfort. Flocks of white-throated sparrows whistle and call as they fervently seek seeds throughout the weedy undergrowth to fuel their journey southward.

img_5686As I reach the river and settle into an Andirondack chair that gives me a view up and downriver, I see a goldfinch cross the sky in its undulating flight, twittering with each swoop. Turkey vultures ride high upon thermals, executing lazy circles as they drift on the warm breeze.
img_5677Stalks of dried Joe-Pye weed, leaves a dark, chocolate-brown, rustle stiffly in the wind. Topped by clouds of soft-gray, fluffy seeds, they await a gust to carry them airborne to new horizons.

img_5656Lining the banks, rust and gold knotweed reflect in the rippled pools, along with shimmering patches of blue sky and wiggly, dark lines of locust tree trunks. Flames of sumac rise here and there above taupe-colored knotweed seed heads, a frothy sea recently frosted, its rampant growth arrested. I follow the repeated chipping of a brilliantly plumed male cardinal as he sails past and disappears into the thicket.

img_8134Crows caw and scold constantly, annoyed at the migrant, swirling vultures and the occasional hawk, which always elicits a battle cry and chase. This past week, flocks of Canada geese heralded their arrival at dusk to the cornfields across the hollow, skimming low over the house, poised with feet out, like planes with gear down for landing, ready to alight.

img_5750The air is pungent, redolent of spice and earthy decay. The landscape pauses at peak and moves on, heading towards dormancy. Maple, birch, cherry and ash have shed their raiment, pulled down by the wind. Oaks are coming on in russet and gold. Sycamores turn a yellow-tinged, rusty-brown; its coarse leaves rustle and litter the ground like discarded paper plates after a street fair. The colors of late autumn, after the flashy maples have passed, are subtler. They do not shout loudly, but quietly await recognition and appreciation. They are the wallflowers at the dance, yet they possess their own virtues.

Honeysuckle and rose briar are dark mounds tucked against the wooded edge while glowing, golden feathers of sumac leaves rise above them, looking like sloping palm trees on a tropical beach. Ash trees, shorn of leaves with only their petioles left behind to dry, remind me of tufts of sparse pine needles, which the last rays of the sun paint a soft, coral-pink.

A dozen or more crows come in to roost on the opposite hill. They wheel and caw, establishing kinship perhaps, alighting and arising again from the pine and oak that top the ridge, before finally settling in for the night.

img_8483Leave the human world behind

Let Nature call your name and

Hold you in Her cupped hands 

IMG_9091I’m joining Robin at Breezes at Dawn for her annual Walktober meme. Anyone who wants to share a seasonal walk is encouraged to join in by posting by Oct. 25. Click the link for details and to see where other folks have been walking.

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Silent Sunday


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Nick Verron – Pure Inspiration

What would you give to make a dream come true if you woke to find yourself living a nightmare? What would you feel if you could never again walk on a beach? Or go out alone in the snow…feel the stillness of a wood or cross a field? And then, you found a way… In […]

via Independent motion – can you help? — Sue Vincent – Daily Echo

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Wordless Wednesday


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