Walktober 2018


Viburnum leaves

I’m joining Robin at Breezes at Dawn for her annual Walktober challenge, where we share a walk we’ve taken. I enjoy reading other bloggers’ autumn walks posted at the end of the month on her site. Open to everyone, this year’s dates are Oct. 14-28. From her site:

“In a nutshell, Walktober is a group walk.  We all go out for a walk, post about it on our blog [include link to B@D site], and I round up all the posts in one big post here at my blog so we can join one another in our various walks. The rules are fast and loose. You don’t even have to walk. You can run, skate, hop, skip, jump, bicycle, or any other motion that requires the energy of your body to move and stay moving. You can even swim if that’s your preference.”

In previous years, I picked a local park to highlight, but this year I felt like staying home and featuring my own 7.5 acres. We have a trail around the property for walking, where the dog can be off leash and we can enjoy different habitats between the woods and river. In slideshow format, you can join me as I walk ‘our loop.’ It starts in the yard with the golden Katsura tree and shrub border turning colors, through the woods to the river, alongside it to the maple grove, back through woods to the stream and ending at the waterfall. Enjoy!

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Flying Away

Milkweed Pod

Milkweed Pod (Asclepias syriaca)

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Wordless Wednesday

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Beaver Pond

Beaver DamBeaver pond reflecting the colors of autumn.

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Mandala Monday – Maple Leaves

Julie’s mandalas are always beautiful. This one is incredible!

Ramblings From Jewels

The Maple trees are starting to turn here in the city!  I love all trees in the autumn (heck, I love all trees all the time), but the Maples especially capture my heart with their bright, vibrant colors.  🍁

I was out running errands the other day and came upon a stunning Maple tree.  It literally called out to me from across the road!  I love when nature interrupts the mundane with its beauty.  Half of its leaves were on the ground and the other half were still on the branches (that’s the best autumn tree viewing scenario, in my opinion), and I had to pull the car over and get out to bask in its beauty for a while.

It was drizzling and a bit nippy out (it’s been doing that a lot lately), but that only added to the autumny feel.  I must admit though, I’d really appreciate…

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Silent Sunday


Dahlias ‘Voodoo’ & ‘Lillehammer’

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Misty river

Misty river perch

When there is a misty drizzle, I love to see water droplets form on plants in the garden and along the trail. Not a good day for sitting by the river, above, but it is beautiful in passing.

Nasturtiums gather water droplets at their starry centers and fountain grass seed heads become saturated bottle brushes.

Red maple

Acer rubrum

The red maples are the first to turn. The other trees– birch, ash and sugar maple, are yellowing.

Jewelweed lives up to its name, the droplets glistening like miniature crystal balls. Likewise, canna buds and blossoms, and asters, too, are bejeweled.


Symphyotrichum cordifolium

Hope you enjoyed this misty day meander with me. (Click any photo to embiggen.)

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