Wordless Wednesday

Foggy river

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Silent Sunday


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Nandina berries

I’ve often admired Nandina, but no longer. Turns out the berries are extremely toxic, killing anything that eats them, particularly birds. While it doesn’t grow in my planting zone, for those who have it in their yard, at the very least, the berries should be removed, or better yet, replace the plant with a native that birds can eat.

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I photographed these beautiful Nandina berries outside a church-turned-antique-artists place near the book fair. I was pretty certain they were Nandina berries, but in my web research, I discovered that Nandina domestics berries are actually POISONOUS to birds that frequently eat them (as well as cats, dogs, etc.). This article recommends either removing the plants entirely or at least cutting the berries off when they appear if you want to keep the shrubs (which have beautiful fall coloring).

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Wordless Wednesday

Winter trees

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Silent Sunday

Foggy stream

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Wordless Wednesday

autumn pondFor those observing Thanksgiving in the US, I wish you a wonderful and safe holiday. We have much for which to be grateful as we count our many blessings.

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Silent Sunday

Autumn light

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