Silent Sunday


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63 Responses to Silent Sunday

  1. Anne says:

    Very pretty indeed.

  2. arlingwoman says:

    What contrasts of color. Nature is amazing.

  3. Catwoods says:

    Beautiful photo, Eliza!

  4. cindy knoke says:

    Echeveria??? Succulents grow year round at The Holler with minimal protection. Frost can cover but not kill them. I love them.

  5. Green and red make such a great complement to each other. This is a lovely healthy plant and just the right color combo for the Christmas season. Nice healthy Crassula. Houseplant or do you have them in one of your gardens?

  6. Very Nice Eliza! Love the colors and detail!

  7. Alice says:

    Red tipped, like lipstick. If it was summer, I could picture a Katydid perched on top.

  8. albert says:

    Candles in nature’s church

  9. Kris P says:

    I think that’s Echeveria agavoides ‘Lipstick’, Eliza. It’s a beauty. You had me wondering if you’d acquired a heated greenhouse.

  10. I second Kris’ ID…and I too was shocked thinking “how is she growing that!?”

    (and I get to visit the Huntington next week…so excited!)

  11. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    It is almost festive in colour, very pretty.

  12. Fire flower…beautiful!๐ŸŽ‰

  13. Festive for the holidays!

  14. I have never seen one like that. Wonderful red!

  15. Karen says:

    So lovely and colourful, Christmas Colours.

  16. Maria says:

    They most always get a bit red, don’t they? The succulents in winter.

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