Froggy Love

The suitors line up.

The suitors line up.

Two males 'practicing'?

Two males ‘practicing’?

Two days ago, I posted on the frogs in our garden pond. Yesterday, we had five wood frog males competing for one female in our little pool. At one point, I worried they would drown her – poor thing! Froggy love can be rather brutal!


Three males attached left, right & center to female wood frog with fourth one about to get on board!

My spouse was scandalized that I was taking pictures of their mating. “Give ’em some privacy!” Really, I think the concept of modesty is limited to humans. Animals don’t seem to be distracted from their urges to reproduce. My interest is purely scientific! I am naturally curious, like my fellow WordPress blogger Mary Holland, a naturalist who explores nature and all its wondrous goings on. Every day there is some new amazement to explore.

There are plenty of snickers and rude talk, or at least inference, going on around here from those less interested in the science and more in the sex part! However, I mush on undeterred, displaying for all the world to see, my study of ‘froggy porn’ as my spouse calls it!

Wood frogs (Lithobates sylvanicus)


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13 Responses to Froggy Love

  1. Absolutely ribbeting my dear 8^)

  2. mk says:

    froggy porn? too funny!

  3. These are very interesting. I’m also on the watch out for animals mating. I once caught Muscovy ducks mating. My last one was the Green Iguana mating which I caught on video.

  4. Robbie says:

    lol..too funny–froggy porn:-) Interesting pictures, but I have to ask why is there one female? With my kiwi plant I have one male that serves up to 5+ females!

    • Eliza Waters says:

      I am not sure why – I don’t know whether their populations are roughly 50/50 and I just don’t have that many females here or if their sex % numbers vary from year to year due to climate differences.

  5. I loved the humor, Eliza. And, of course, your photographs. They’re beautiful. As always.

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