In A Vase On Monday – Holiday Swag

img_6464Every year, I make a swag to hang on the post next to the mailbox out by the road. I’d like to think it cheers those driving by as well as the mail carrier.

img_6466Made with branches of Fraser fir (Abies fraseri) and Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus), mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia), pine cones and winterberries (Ilex verticillata) add interest. It is finished with a large, red gingham-checked ribbon.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday week and may your gatherings be very merry!

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling In the Garden, who hosts a weekly meme to showcase arrangements created from our gardens. Wander over to see what gardeners all over the world are arranging this week.

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64 Responses to In A Vase On Monday – Holiday Swag

  1. MK says:

    I think it’s extremely cheerful! And charming.

  2. Beautiful Eliza! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family 🎄🌿🎄🌿

  3. louise237 says:

    What A creativity… Love it! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

  4. Cathy says:

    Delightful! Have a wonderful week Eliza!

  5. Brian Skeys says:

    Lucky postman, have a wonderful Christmas Eliza.

  6. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Beautiful as always:)

  7. I’m sure it cheers all who pass by

  8. Alice Pratt says:

    So pretty! Will look even better with a little snow!

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Alice. We’ve had the snow since this photo was taken, but the blasted wind keeps knocking it down no matter how well I secure it. We’ve had some wicked gusts!

  9. It’s lovely, Eliza. When I was a child visiting my Grandparents for Christmas, my Grandfather would bring in a variety of evergreen branches and my Grandmother and I would construct swags for the doors. Good memories. 🙂

  10. Trail Walker says:

    Your swags are lovely. Many years ago, My mother would create beautiful evergreen swags for all the windows in our home. Thanks for the memory!

  11. Laurie Graves says:

    Very cheerful! And lovely, too.

  12. I have to say, whenever I read the title, I always have a certain picture in mind. You always out do what I had imagined. By the way, I got your lovely holiday card! “Blogging, Soul-sister” I love that!!

  13. I bet it adds some cheer, it’s lovely! All the best for the holidays.

  14. Peter/Outlaw says:

    A beautiful and cheerful Christmas swag! Merry Christmas, Eliza!

  15. Kris P says:

    You can come by and design my holiday display any time, Eliza! 😉

  16. rickii says:

    What a warm and generous idea. Merry Christmas!

  17. AlisonC says:

    Wonderful, I’m sure it cheers anyone who passes, and you can’t go wrong with gingham!

  18. pbmgarden says:

    Nice work Eliza! Just beautiful. Merry Christmas.

  19. Cathy says:

    I do like the gingham ribbon, Eliza – it adds a freshness to it that glittery ribbon doesn’t. This downward facing display works so well on your mail box but would work just as well on a door where we would notrmally think of doing a wreath

  20. This is such a great gesture. I love any garden greenery I can get a peek of when I am out and about.

  21. srickman2014 says:

    Another beautiful creation by a very talented woman! I look forward to Mondays just to see what you have created! Happy Holidays to you and yours:-)

  22. arlingwoman says:

    Now that’s some real swag for the mailman and the drivers on your road. Bet it brightens the neighborhood.

  23. Chloris says:

    Whata great idea, I love it. So much nicer than a wreath; they always remind me of funerals. I much prefer this swag with its jaunty ribbon.

  24. Kathy Sturr says:

    Nice swag Eliza! They make things so very festive. I used to hang two under my porch lights on the garage only I had to wire the heck out of them because of the strong winds. They were pretty under the lights especially when it snowed. I’m sure yours will weather all storms. Merry merry!

  25. Robin says:

    Really beautiful, Eliza! Happy Solstice, and Merry Christmas! 🙂

  26. Beautiful!

    We now have so much snow that anything on the base of the mailbox would long ago have been buried by it! You can hardly see the first floor of our house driving up because the snow piled from the street has gotten so high. Methinks that pile may not be melting until well into spring.

  27. adeleulnais says:

    Oh it’s so beautiful Merry Christmass xx

  28. Brenda says:

    You make everything festive! We often had swags rather than wreaths when I was growing up. I always thought it was because my very busy working mother thought the swags took less time to make. But maybe it is a New England thing. In any case, I love them (and the word “swag,” too).

  29. Gorgeous wintry swag!

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