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Be a Messy Gardener

Click to learn the value of being a ‘messy gardener.’

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Lazy Gardening

Gardening for wildlife involves embracing a messy garden– chewed leaves, piles of brush, reeds left standing through the winter. But the benefits are many– birds eating unwanted insects and butterflies flitting about, bees buzzing and pollinating your fruits and vegetables. … Continue reading

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World Turtle Day

May 23 was World Turtle Day.  “This is a busy time of year for many turtles who are traveling to lay eggs. Be on the lookout for turtles crossing roads and, if you can do so safely, lend them a … Continue reading

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Nest Building

From YardMap‘s Facebook page: In an increasingly fragmented and anthropocentric landscape it can be difficult and time consuming to locate enough high quality building materials to make secure and well insulated nests. Many birds will resort to using dangerous materials … Continue reading

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Solstice Greetings

re-posted from YardMap.org‘s FB page

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Brushpile: Wildlife Habitat

From YardMap‘s Facebook page: We think this photo is beautiful! Why? It features a great component of wildlife habitat- a brushpile! Do you have a brushpile in your backyard habitat? Show off your “really great brushpile” by entering YardMap’s Make My … Continue reading

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Do You Know Your Eco-Region?

Most of you are very familiar with Plant Hardiness Zones, which help you make informed decisions about what to plant based on climate. But do you know your ecoregion? Your ecoregion is the unique combination of living and nonliving factors … Continue reading

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Snowy Owls

The Northern U.S. is in the middle of a considerable Snowy Owl invasion (they are appearing in more southerly locations across the U.S. as well). Read more about the sightings and what may be causing them in this article written by … Continue reading

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Good News for Birds and Coffee Lovers

For those who enjoy migrating summer songbirds and want to help them survive in their wintering grounds, read on: New research in Costa Rica shows that hungry warblers and other birds significantly reduce damage by a devastating coffee pest, the coffee … Continue reading

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