In A Vase On Monday – Abundance

Yellow seems to be the dominant color in my garden this week with Sundrops (Oenothera fruticosa), Loosestrife (Lysimachia punctata) and Carolina Lupine (Thermopsis villosa) all in peak bloom. I ended up arranging three bouquets and couldn’t decide which one to highlight, so will show all three.

The first, in the green apothecary jar, has Thermopsis, Oenothera, white Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea alba), Coral Penstemon (P. superbus), Daisy Fleabane (Erigeron annuus) and grass and Aquilegia ‘Nora Barlow’ seed heads.

The second, in the cobalt vase, has Oenothera, Lsymachia, the first few stems of Calendula (C. officinalis) which opened today, white Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) and two small Peonies (Paeonia lactiflora). My Peonies have been wonderful this year, but are passing quickly. I’m down to the lateral buds, though smaller, are equally fragrant.

Lastly, in the small Japanese porcelain vase, more Peonies, old-fashioned Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus) and Rosa ‘New Dawn,’ which is loaded with buds and blossoms after I gave it a good pruning this spring.

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling In the Garden, who hosts a weekly meme to showcase arrangements created from our gardens. Wander over to see what gardeners all over the world are arranging this week.

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  1. MK says:

    I like how the salmon-pink in the top one sets off the yellows.

  2. bittster says:

    Nice! I love the colors and mix of flowers in the first one but the others are just as nice and I can understand the trouble in picking just one. “Abundance”, perfect title 🙂

  3. Each one is just so joyful! I can only imagine the bounty of your garden right now with these vase teasers!

  4. ‘Just so joyful’ in Nomads comment is the perfect phrase – these virtual gifts you send us each week are just that – joyful! Thank you. Would love if you could pack in the scent as well – those peonies look so enticing 😊

  5. Anca Tîrcă says:

    It happens to me also, ending up with more than one bouquet! Lovely, all three, Eliza!

  6. It’s lovely not to have to decide! I think that the boost from the coral penstemon works brilliantly in the first, the peony is to die for in the second and I just love the sweet williams in that cute vase.

  7. Christina says:

    All three vases are gorgeous Eliza, the peonies and Sweet William are like stepping by back in time to 2 months ago when it was cool and everything was in flower. It is lovely to relive that moment through your vases.

  8. Wow, you’re very fortunate to be so spoilt for choice Eliza. Everything looks wonderful. The aquilegia seed heads and grasses in the first arrangement are a nice touch, it’s these background structures and tones that really make the bright colours shine.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, I do feel fortunate – reward for the work that multiple gardens require. 😉

      • Of course- fortune favours the brave (and you’re very brave to take on multiple gardens!). It must be a huge amount of work- great that you get such a beautiful result to enjoy 😊

      • Eliza Waters says:

        It does make it all worth it. I’ve just this weekend finished the last of the planting. I was behind because of the cool, wet spring. I hope I can ‘coast’ a bit now and enjoy the fruits of my labor. 😉

  9. Alice Pratt says:

    Each of the three has its own character….I love the scent of Dianthus. Sundrops have self-seeded amazingly here and at my daughter’s…I gave her one plant a few years ago and she now has a few hundred. A cheerful yellow and bumbles love it.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Alice. Yes, sundrops do tend to spread vigorously, but thankfully, they are not invasive and are easily pulled out if they get out of hand. I love all that cheerful yellow!

  10. Victo Dolore says:

    These arrangements are so beautiful. You have a gift. 🙂

  11. Laurie Graves says:

    Three different vases, three different arrangements, three different beauties.

  12. Jim R says:

    You are a skilled arranger. Do you do that by your self? Are you the lone arranger?

    Sorry…couldn’t help myself. 🙂

  13. Peter/Outlaw says:

    Impressive abundance of flowers in your garden and skillful use of them! Each vase is gorgeous!

  14. Cathy says:

    Don’t you just love it when there all this abundance to choose from for your vases! I especially like the third one – dthe roses look really effective with the sweet william, making it less brash somehow

  15. FlowerAlley says:

    Both are done beautifully.

  16. Says “love” to me.

  17. Jewels says:

    All of them are lovely, Eliza, I can see why you didn’t know which one to highlight.

  18. LINDA from EACH LITTLE WORLD says:

    Abundance is right! That last vase must smell delicious.

  19. Sam says:

    All three are gorgeous, Eliza, but I think my favourite would have to be the third one because I absolutely love Sweet Williams. How lovely to have three gorgeous vases to enjoy in your home this week.

  20. I can’t choose a favorite vase, but my favorite flower is the Penstemon. Lysimachia still strikes fear in my heart as it will overrun a Southern garden. Your Thermopsis is also a treasure I envy! Wish I could see the garden, it must be stunning.

  21. Kina says:

    All beautiful!!

  22. AlisonC says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to have all the colour and abundance after the lean months. I’m sure we appreciate it more. Your house must look and smell lovely.

  23. I can see why you couldn’t decide on one vase – they are all beautiful!

  24. Cathy says:

    Ah, a breath of fresh air with those light colours and yellow lupins. Lovely Eliza! I really must try growing some lupins again one year as they are so lretty. 🙂

  25. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    I really love that first vase. The colours and as you say yourself the abundance of bloom.
    Who would have thought a few months ago everything was under snow!

  26. What a lovely selection of flowers you had to pick from this week – I couldn’t have made a choice either so making a few vases was the perfect solution. I just have 1 peony bud left to open then that is it for another year. Still we have lots to look forward to this summer so I am ready to move on.

  27. Anna says:

    Oh what a fine trio of summer vases Eliza. I’m not surprised you couldn’t choose a favourite. A bit like being in a sweet shop – spoilt for choice 🙂 What variety is the lovely epimedium featuring in your header?

  28. ladygrace33 says:

    It’s certainly looks like summer. Beautiful flowers Eliza 🙂

  29. arlingwoman says:

    Such beautiful arrangements–and the vases are beauties as well. I like the second arrangement best, not sure why, as the other two are elegant and appealing. I can see why you had trouble with the feature!

  30. Love the colors in the Japanese porcelain base! 🌸

  31. Kathy Sturr says:

    Not one, but three??? beautiful arrangements Eliza! Oh, I remember that yellow Caroline lupine and I still lu-pine for it! Although I do have some wonderful lupine starts in my greenhouse this year to plant along my drive. Seed specially delivered from AK! thanks to a great gardening friend.

  32. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the lovely rewards from your hard work, loving care and talented arrangement skills.

  33. pbmgarden says:

    So many beautiful blooms. Love the white Foxglove. Adore the Sweet William. All so lovely.

  34. Christy B says:

    Three arrangements – my, we are spoiled! The smell of peonies is heavenly 🙂

  35. Kris P says:

    All 3 vases are lovely, Eliza! And I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who bows to the floral abundance in the garden. I missed IaVoM due to the Garden Bloggers’ Fling, the first time I think that’s happened since I started participating. But more than missing the post, I miss having flowers in the house.

  36. Stunning! You have wonderful talent and skill in putting these arrangements together.

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