Why Did the Sheep Cross the Road?


I’m joining Sue Vincent‘s recent writing prompt:

“Create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… by Wednesday 9th March and link back to this post with a pingback. Some posts will feature on the blog during the week and all posts will be included in a round up on Thursday.”

Here’s my story:

Sarah, a fine-looking ewe, never gave her owner one bit of trouble. When she was bred, she felt very proud and when a healthy lamb was born to her, she nearly burst with love for him. He was a delight to her as he cavorted with the other lambs.

One day, the farmer came, rounded up most of the new lambs and Sarah was separated from her beloved. In the night, she hatched a plan. At first light, she would squeeze through a hole in the fence she had once spied, cross the road and go in search of him.

Feel free to join in the prompt with a link back to Sue’s blog. Be sure to check back on the 10th to see what others have written.

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47 Responses to Why Did the Sheep Cross the Road?

  1. Oh how sad, makes me glad I’m a vegetarian!

  2. Robin says:

    Well done. A little drama, a little tension, and a lot of mystery (as to what happens next). I’m all for happy endings so I hope she finds him. 🙂

  3. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    Me too, I hope she finds him and they escape or go back to the farm and convince the farmer that this boy deserves to live. Or they hook up with some big horned sheep and hang with them. Whatever, Eliza, we all want a happy ending. 🙂

  4. Cathy says:

    I hope there was a happy ending Eliza!

  5. Kathy Sturr says:

    So sad — I have read stories of dairy cows who try to hide their calves. It’s why I love Vegan cheese! I hope Sarah finds her lamb at Farm Sanctuary or Gentle Barn and they have a big reunited party and live happily ever after.

  6. Sue Vincent says:

    So now I shall go to bed and wonder…
    Thanks for taking part, Eliza 🙂

  7. Good story Eliza. I hope it ends well!

  8. MK says:

    I’m hoping she forms a posse to foment a rebellion against the farmers. She’s the Sarah Connor of ewes like in the Terminator movies, out to protect her child and defeat the evil empire! And the lambs will join forces with John Connor, and they’ll get the help of the Terminator, and when the farmers all fill the streets with their pitchforks, then the lamb will…

  9. A good writer always has the audience wanting more Eliza! You have done that. 🙂

  10. This had me smiling, Eliza.

  11. Debra says:

    Yes. Love this. I was just watching the Greenpeace movie How to Change the World the other night and there was a scene where the mother seal chases after her baby to try to save it and she is obviously distraught. Your story reminded me of that. Most people are unaware of the pain (heart soul and body) of our domestic animals.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Debra. The story just came to me with Love being the motivator. It is presumptuous to think only humans care for their children. Why wouldn’t most mammal mothers love their offspring? Thanks for your visit and comments!

  12. She’s so beautiful. I think she was just late for school because Mary was always wanting to play.

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  14. BunKaryudo says:

    I sense fantastic action movie potential here. I just know she’ll be successful in the end. 🙂

  15. Judy Martin says:

    Oh poor Sarah, i hope she finds her lamb 😉

  16. noelleg44 says:

    I’m hoping for a happy ending here!

  17. Yes, a mother in search of her child…beautiful and true…

  18. Laurie Graves says:

    Go, Sarah! Makes me glad I don’t eat mutton.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      🙂 I don’t eat lamb either, but I do eat meat, mostly fish and chicken (with a side of bacon). 😉

      • Laurie Graves says:

        I, too, eat chicken and very rarely fish. The others, for environmental reasons, I avoid. Eating has become, ahem, complicated.

      • Eliza Waters says:

        Indeed it has. I hear Maine now has a bumper crop of lobsters (lobstahs 😉 ) due to a northerly migration away from warming southerly waters. Do you eat them? Shellfish isn’t my favorite, though I might eat scallops if I go to a good restaurant that would know how to cook them right.

      • Laurie Graves says:

        I must admit that I love lobstah. We eat it once or twice year. In fact, I love most seafood, but here again we use some restraint. Lobsters aside, overfishing in the oceans of the world is a serious problem.

      • Eliza Waters says:

        I so agree. We’ll be lucky if there isn’t a total system collapse, between overfishing and overheating. I recently read that a huge area of reef off Australia has bleached due to warming. Sigh….hope folks wake up soon.

      • Laurie Graves says:

        I know. Sigh. We do what we can to control our own appetites and hope that others are doing the same.

  19. Maria F. says:

    I love it Eliza, so tender! Very good!

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  21. macjam47 says:

    Very well done, but my heart aches for the ewe and her lamb.

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