UN International Day of Happiness

UN International Day of Happiness

Spring blossoms, walking on a beautiful sunny day in fresh, clean air, sitting by a waterfall, laughing with a friend, hugs from loved ones or a cuddle with my sweet kitty make me so happy.
What makes you happy?

UN International Day of Happiness

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14 Responses to UN International Day of Happiness

  1. Sharon K. says:

    This image, for starters. 🙂

    You have spring blooms ??

    I love der kitty kat.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thanks, Sharon. These are forced quince blossoms, we still have a foot of snow (at least) outside so the hedge out front won’t bloom for another six weeks. That is my ‘Thera-kitty’ Princess, a one-in-a-million cat angel sent straight from heaven to take care of my heart! I so love that girl!

  2. Mandy says:

    Love love love this, Eliza! Opening my computer to my blogging world and having your beautiful post/photo be the first of the day. Happy Spring ♥

  3. mk says:

    I love your photograph. It feels like “japonisme” to me.

    As for me, these make me happy — Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, bird songs, bees, flowers, my pets, travel, sunshine, margaritas/chips/salsa, low tide below a high cliff, the sound of the breeze in pine trees, hummingbirds coming onto the porch to say hello, early mornings, a full moon rising

  4. Robbie says:

    being outside with the sun on my back:-)

  5. Kina says:

    Happiness is the smell of a new born baby, freshly mown grass, bread baking in the oven, swishing through the leaves in the woods, and realizing my many blessings!

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