Week of Flowers 2021 – Day Three

I’m joining Cathy at Words and Herbs blog for her second annual Week of Flowers, where we share daily posts of flowers and gardens to give a dose of cheer to those in northern climes, where the short days this time of year are often dark and dreary. It does my heart good to look back to the green and flowery profusion of the summer months. Open to all, feel free to join in by clicking the link above, or simply to see links to what others are sharing.

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57 Responses to Week of Flowers 2021 – Day Three

  1. Eliza, thanks for sharing this gorgeous photo. Isn’t this fun?

  2. Cathy says:

    What a gorgeous bouquet Eliza. It does my heart good to see this too. 😃 I will send this link to my Mum today! 🤗

  3. Anne says:

    This is a beautiful combination of textures, shapes and colours.

  4. Alice says:

    Happiness and colorful.

  5. So beautiful, Eliza. I have enjoyed all of your pictures! I appreciate a moment of reflection on the newness of Spring, as we move into the Winter.

  6. pbmgarden says:

    Perfect antidote to dark and dreary. This is so beautiful.

  7. Dale says:

    What a bright and beautiful bouquet!

  8. Treah Pichette says:

    Thank you for a little bit of summer!

  9. utahan15 says:

    the quest for cranberry sprite and blue poinsettas

  10. What a knockout combo! Thanks.

  11. Vicki says:

    Gorgeous, Eliza…..and what wonderful light across the flowers too. 🙂

  12. Jet Eliot says:

    I loved this profusion of bright color, fresh flowers and the glory of summer, Eliza.

  13. sandyjwhite says:

    Makes me long for summer again!

  14. swesely says:

    On this very dreary day, your bouquet made me smile. Once again, I’m especially drawn to the yellow. Sunshine in a flower!

  15. Cathy says:

    What a happy, summery vase full of delight! Was it an IAVOM contribution?

  16. Kris P says:

    That’s a beautiful combination, Eliza. The yellow flowers are Baptisia? I’ve tried growing Baptisia australis a few times with no success, despite my Sunset Garden Book’s assurance that it will grow in my zone.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Kris. The yellow are Carolina lupine (Thermopsis carolinea), an underutilized perennial, IMO. Perhaps because they are tall and have weak root structure, nurseries opt not to grow and sell them. I got mine as a passalong.

  17. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Oh summer in a photo. Thank you, it warms my heart ❤️

  18. Such a beautiful yet delicate combination of colors.

  19. Tranature - quiet moments in nature says:

    Such an uplifting and beautiful combination Eliza! 💛

  20. maryjane678 says:

    Hi Eliza. Now this one has really got me longing for spring!

  21. Oh, those peonies certainly make me smile. Thank you!

  22. A bit of summer, beautiful!

  23. Gorgeous arrangement and photo!🙂

  24. shoreacres says:

    Your Thermopsis caroliniana looked so familiar, I wondered if it was our Baptisia sphaerocarpa. Then, I saw the name in your tags, and figured it out. Interesting that the two species are separated by some distance: several states, in fact. We have B. sphaerocarpa but not T. caroliniana, while that Baptisia isn’t native in your area. Interesting!

  25. What a beautiful bouquet! ❤

  26. Love the purple accents! 💜

  27. naturebackin says:

    That colour combination hits the spot every time!

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