In A Vase On Monday – New Dawn

flower arrangementMy ‘New Dawn’ rose is having its best year yet– a tumble of delicate pink blooms cascade down its canes, covering the arbor.


Likewise, my Carolina Lupine (Thermopsis caroliniana), is peaking this week with dozens of yellow racemes. I don’t know why this isn’t more commonly grown, as it is spectacular.


I added a stem of white Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea alba), several stems of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) for contrast, and several Daisy Fleabane (Erigeron annuus) as filler, all arranged in a bed of fragrant, white privet blooms that grow wild in our woods. While an invasive species here, the fragrance is pleasurable.

I’m linking to Cathy’s In A Vase On Monday meme at Rambling in the Garden. Click to see what other gardener’s are arranging this week.

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96 Responses to In A Vase On Monday – New Dawn

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Oh what subtle unassuming beauty. The Kardashians should study this rose.

  2. francisashis says:

    Oh my God,lovely photographs of awesome flowers!!!👍👍🌹

  3. it is a superb floral composition
    In one of the gardens of my childhood my father had planted a lupine. This shrub was vigorous and very prolific in flowering.

  4. Anne says:

    A beautiful vase of flowers and I enjoy your description: a tumble of delicate pink blooms cascade down.

  5. jenanita01 says:

    I like to think of names for your collections, Eliza… I call this one ‘Serenity’…

  6. Tranature - quiet moments in nature says:

    What a glorious vase Eliza, the New Dawn rose looks beautiful! 🌹

  7. Our New Dawn is also enjoying its best year yet.

  8. Cathy says:

    A gorgeous rose Eliza! And I like the look of those lupins too. I had forgotten that privet blooms are fragrant. Is the rose scented too?

  9. Lovely arrangement Eliza! I have two New Dawn roses too on my arbor and they never fail to please with their abundance of the softest pale pink. They are one of my best performing roses and they are perfect in your arrangement. I’ve never used them in an arrangement, but after seeing yours, I may just have to give it a try on their next flush of blooms.
    Have a happy week and Fourth of July!

  10. It’s a beautiful arrangement! My Carolina Lupines are still only a few feet high, I think we need a bit more rain for them to be truly happy in my garden! Will the rose bloom all summer?

  11. AmyRose🌹 says:

    What a gorgeous arrangement, Eliza! OH for the beauty that surrounds us! Just heavenly!! xo

  12. This is lovely Eliza, it reminds me of an old English posy.

  13. Those roses! What a treat it must be to have an abundance of them. And that arbor must be a beautiful sight to see.

  14. Alice says:

    Another gorgeous arrangement & beautiful textures and colors. I think many of us would like to see a photo of your arbor 🥰

  15. naturebackin says:

    Those roses really are exquisite and team up so well with the other lovely blooms and colours. I confess though that we do our pest to root out the invasive and tenacious privet whenever it pops up in our garden.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Carol. I’d estimate that at least 80% of our 7 acres are invasive species. We try to eliminate things along the paths, but the birds disperse way more than we could ever cull. A Sisyphean task. 😦

      • naturebackin says:

        Yes I know exactly what you mean, and I am sorry to hear that is so where you are too – in the margins between our property and the plantation the most overwhelming of the vegetation in volume and number comprises invasive alien species. We have hacked out a space that we try to maintain and we (and our predecessors) have planted indigenous trees and food plants for birds and wildlife, but it is a drop in the ocean, and the task is Sisyphean as you well describe. However, the alien plants do at least provide protective cover, and in the era of climate change we may end up just being grateful for whatever manages to stay alive. And just to add, in fact the privet is a small problem within the margins of the gardens and is out-competed by invasive alien lantana, solanum, Mauritius vine and the like along the edges of the plantation.

      • Eliza Waters says:

        Sometimes I wish I could send a message back to the (mostly) Victorian plant hunters to tell them which plants were not a good idea to import! 😉

  16. That’s a beauty, so full and lush.

  17. Beautiful floral arrangements Elisa! And great images of them!!

  18. gaiainaction says:

    I love how you combine the different flowers Eliza, they look so beautiful and natural together. I am sure this particular bunch will give you lots of pleasure.

  19. tonytomeo says:

    Thermopsis caroliniana really looks like a lupine. Although the genus sounds familiar, I do not believe that I have ever met it before.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Possibly not because it is a south US native. It may require a moister environment than you have.

      • tonytomeo says:

        People grow many things here that they probably should not, but wildflowers are somehow unpopular. Texas bluebonnet and even the native lupines are sometimes grown, but are not exactly common. Now that you mention it though, when they are grown, it is in unrefined or unlandscaped areas where they would not rely on regular irrigation.

  20. Cathy says:

    What a lovely shaped vase this is, perfect for the stems to splay out, and what a lovely combination of blooms – I would not have thought of adding yellow to the beautiful New Dawn and the white privet and foxgloves, but doesn’t it work well, especially wih the foliage? Lovely 🙂

  21. Widdershins says:

    Just … spectacular! 😀

  22. Kris P says:

    That’s a showstopper of an arrangement, Eliza! ‘New Dawn’ was pretty all by herself but she’s even more glorious performing with a chorus.

  23. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Beautiful as always

  24. Chloris says:

    New Dawn is indeed a wonderful rose, such a lovely soft pink. It is very easy from cuttings too. I love the arrangement Eliza, it’s beautiful.

  25. Maria says:

    I think the New Dawn rose looks great. I like the Carolina Lupines also.

  26. pbmgarden says:

    Is that ever lovely, Eliza! New Dawn is exceptional and that foxglove, wow.

  27. Jewels says:

    Sigh… so lovely, Eliza! 💕

  28. Lovely Eliza! Exquisite composition in your vase. New Dawn looks wonderful. I have a couple bigger rosebushes outside my house, but I have no idea what they are.

  29. ChallEngEr says:

    Beautifully brightens up a Monday

  30. Truly lovely summer vase of gorgeous flowers. Having that inside would certainly cheer me up. 🙂

  31. zinderellie says:

    Just beautiful! 🌸😊☀️

  32. Adele Brand says:

    What a gorgeous vase! The delicate colours work very well together.

  33. Brian Skeys says:

    I have a young ‘New Dawn’ in the garden , I am looking forward to when it reaches the top of the rope swags.

  34. A beautiful arrangement-the rose is spectacular-and I love the privet too!

  35. WOW so beautiful … I love that delicate pink. And such a lovely arrangement too … your skills are exceptional Eliza!

  36. It seems a good year for roses. Two of my neighbors are having banner years with theirs and our yellow rose shrub was covered like never before.
    Your New Dawn rose is lovely as is the beautiful bouquet your assembled. And I am glad to see a native wildflower included. 🙂

  37. Gracefully Global travels says:

    I’m so glad your garden is having such a good year! This arrangement is totally exquisite.

  38. Such a beautiful combination of form and colour!

  39. Brenda says:

    My New Dawn also has been amazing this year. And it photographs so beautifully!

  40. I love it!☺️💕🕊

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