Earth Day 2020 – Fifty Years

Spring oak leavesOne can’t help but feel the irony that the 50th anniversary of Earth Day will not be celebrated with massive crowds and demonstrations like the first and subsequent celebrations of the day. Instead, it will be observed individually and virtually via internet. Is Mother Earth sending us a message? Are we listening?

water fall in snowWe barely understand the complexities of our Earth, its ecosystems, all inter-woven with a long history of evolution. Gaia is a system of refined checks and balances with the ultimate goal of endless renewal and expression. How blessed we are to be a witness to the daily miracle of life on Earth!

puffy cloudsTo date, we have taken much from our Mother, with little thought of what we owe Her in return. Our impact has become so cumbersome, that those delicate checks and balances are in peril. Let’s face it, we NEED the Earth, She does not need us. We are currently being shown just how powerful She is, as a tiny, microscopic life form flies around the planet, culling the human herd.

It is not vindictive, it is the way of life on this planet. Look back throughout history, and we can see plenty of proof that this is so. It is easy for us to accept lions eating the weak and old wildebeests on the Serengeti, or wolves culling the elk herds of Yellowstone, yet we cannot accept that the same principle is at work with our own human herd. Herein lies the error of our mindset– we have thought ourselves above Nature, that it was something we controlled and not the other way around.

new spring growthSo perhaps we can take this warning as a lesson to deeply consider our role as stewards of this planet. How will we change? What can we each individually do to lessen our footprint, to live on this planet so that all creatures who share it can live and prosper in harmony?

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120 Responses to Earth Day 2020 – Fifty Years

  1. Jane Lurie says:

    Beautifully written, Eliza. Your accompanying nature images are perfect. We must wake up. Maybe this crisis will be the catalyst.

  2. Saruman says:

    Happy Eart Day! These are absolutely stunning photos, thank you for sharing.
    I am grateful that we have technology to step up when we need it. Example: a virtual 360 exhibition ( ) to celebrate waterfall Skakavac in Geopark Papuk in Croatia. There’s a spring version too –

  3. Maria says:

    Beautiful article Elisa. I hope humans learn the value of what we have now and appreciate every moment the best we can.

  4. Love your words here, and your reflection. I was thinking of the same this time around, and what it means to celebrate earth day in such a unique space. Powerful words, friend. Thank you for sharing ❤

  5. Beautiful lighting in your first photo. The new leaves look so graceful!

  6. Gracefully Global travels says:

    I appreciate your words. I totally agree. Earth Day fairs have always disgusted me, frankly. What a way to celebrate the earth, to trample it and litter it. But we all play our part. It is good to be reminded, so thanks again. 🙂

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