6th Blogiversary

CleomeIt has been six years since I started this blog and in reflecting back over that time, life has brought many changes, including my reasons for blogging.

Sweet peasInitially, I thought I’d blog about gardening and nature. I envisioned my posts being informative about different plants, sharing my gardens and walks around the land I call home. Of course, I soon learned that social media is a two-way street and at least half of blogging is meeting and following other bloggers that share similar interests.

Being human, we can’t help but be drawn into the world of others, building relationships over time, some blossoming into friendships. Eventually, the amount of time I spent in my Reader far outweighed the time spent writing posts. Some days, I felt that I shouldn’t ‘waste’ my time, but I felt compelled to see what everyone was posting. Call it FOMO, but I didn’t want to miss some important event that was happening in your lives. Hooked, I cared about you and your ups and downs, and offering support and encouragement became my purpose. I love reading your blogs, learning new things, seeing your part of the world and point of view as well as seeing your creative workโ€“ your putting yourself ‘out there’ so bravelyโ€“ you’re beautiful!

coneflower, cleomeI wouldn’t call it digital addiction, but it is close. Occasionally, I thought of taking the site down, but then one of you would comment about how much you loved my posts and I would recommit myself. It’s one thing to spend a snowy or rainy day blogging, but when other areas of my life demanded my attention, I felt torn. Does anyone else feel this way?

Daylily with katydidIdeally, I would like to head back to posting more and reading less, but I wonder if I could realistically do it? I would love to hear how you handle this in your own blogging.

BeetleLastly, I’d like to hear how you feel about my current contentโ€“ what works, what doesn’t and what you would like to see more of in terms of photos, writing and subjects. I know your time is precious, so I sincerely appreciate you following me, your likes and especially your comments. You’re amazing!


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141 Responses to 6th Blogiversary

  1. cindy knoke says:

    How do I feel about your content? I think it reflects you, so it is unique & beautiful. Keep doing what makes you happy, and it will make us happy too. Simple. Be yourself. There is no one else like you. Gorgeous captures and Happy Blogiversary! I feel lucky to know you.

  2. Many many congratulations for achieving this milestone Eliza.
    Continue this journey within your time limits because your blog is something only yours. Probably it’s your daily diary which connects you with yourself.

  3. Congratulations on six years of blogging! I follow several gardeners’ blogs and enjoy seeing what’s happening in gardens in distant places. Your photos are gorgeous; I know what you mean about finding time to read and comment, but I hope you keep posting.

  4. cindydyer says:

    Eliza, many congratulations on your six years of blogging! I know just how you feel. It’s easy to get addicted to following blogs and then intent on populating your own at the same time. I’ve always enjoyed and welcomed your comments and am happy to have you as an engaged reader. I also enjoy reading your blog, so I should comment so you’ll know that from time to time! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Cindy. Though we post what we love and think works, it is nice to receive feedback, for sure! ๐Ÿ™‚
      I enjoy your photos and find their beauty inspiring!

  5. Anne says:

    Please continue posting whatever takes your fancy! I enjoy your garden as well as your forays to other places. I realised early on that prescribing the content for my blog is too limiting and have allowed myself a free rein, with breaks in between when other demands or pleasures call for that. As to managing what the Reader has to offer; a difficult one that, other than to limit the time for that to the early morning or late evening when I am not needed anywhere else.

  6. Vicki says:

    Ditto to all that, Eliza.

    in 2009, my plan was to share my newly found hobby of Photography, after being forced to quit working full-time in 2010.

    I quickly reached the same conclusion as you – blogging is not just about ourselves, its about the blogging community and interacting with each other.

    I no longer do much photography outdoors as I am more housebound. After several years, reading other blogs can become a bit of a chore when you’d rather be outdoors in the countryside in the fresh air (in your case, perhaps), OR in my case, poorer eyesight and health, so reading on the computer isn’t as easy or as enjoyable.

    Of course, sometimes one is busy and doesn’t have the time to comment on other people’s blogs or reply to people who’ve commented on your own blog, then one tends to feel guilty.

    If I was you, I would follow what my gut instinct told me. Read less, and if you feel like it, post on your own blog more……or not. Or, read other blogs once a month, (or even every 3 months i.e. each season since nature is your favoured topic). Trial a few different ideas.

    It’s your blog and your life, so feel free to do whatever you wish. Do whatever you feel suits your lifestyle or current interests. We all change over the years and with most blogs only lasting 3 years, 6 years might be a long time in your life.

    I love looking at nature photos, but with failing eyesight have trouble reading the written word (although I can type long posts myself occasionally LOL – I just have trouble proofreading what I’ve typed).

    I’ve dropped about 70 blogs as I spent too much time on the computer.

    I love seeing everyone’s nature images and am an armchair traveller now, so I’d still be enthused about seeing your images.

    I certainly wouldn’t be offended if you stopped reading my own blog as I understand where you’re coming from (thought) and what you’re expressing in this post. Many times in the last 6-12 months I felt my interest in blogging was waning.

    (I’ve been blogging for 10 years on various blogs).

    Ultimately, why not do a test trial of just blogging occasionally and allocating, say, one day a month to read some blogs. If the same reluctance or lack of interest arises, feel free to give up some more blog reading or, ALL blog reading.

    Take a break.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      THANK YOU, VICKI! I appreciate your thoughts on blogging and with 10 years blogging, you know of which you write. I just need to give myself permission to be whom I am meant to be.
      I am sorry about your health challenges. Eyesight is something we enjoy and don’t think much about until it is compromised. I’m glad you have your balcony and fairy wrens to give you your ‘nature fix.’ They are sweet birds.

  7. jillslawit says:

    I love your content, your garden and vase arrangements as well as other bits. I’m sure your followers all look forward to sharing your colourful world, I know I do. I often struggle to find the time to post and check my Reader which is why I follow quite a few bloggers via email.

  8. Christina says:

    As you will have realized Iโ€™m taking a rest from blogging, Iโ€™ve been posting for more than ten years and I agree that reading has become more time intensive than writing. I havenโ€™t come to a decision as to whether Iโ€™ll continue or not but I have decided that I wonโ€™t let blogging become another pressure in a busy life. You post a lot, which is lovely but you could post less when youโ€™re busy. Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Good advice, Christina, thank you. I miss your posts, but understand that life isn’t a straight line and we must take the twists that the road presents. Sometimes we do more, sometimes less. As you suggest, we must follow our hearts always. โค

  9. Happy 6th Blogiversary! I’m sure you speak for many of us in what you have written, I can certainly relate to all of it.
    I keep my blog partly as a diary of what I have done, or how the garden looks, for my own reference, as well as to share excitement or inspiration – but what I have enjoyed most is interacting with like minds across the world and making real friendships.
    I always really appreciate your thoughtful comments on my and other’s blogs.
    There are peaks and troughs in writing posts and in commenting on other posts, but I wouldn’t want to stop.
    Post for yourself and we will enjoy what you want to record and share with us.

  10. jenanita01 says:

    This year has found me wishing I could cherry-pick what we do and what we could stop doing, but everything is joined to so many other aspects that I know it would be impossible to choose.
    I have literally been forced to prioritise my workload, and if, at the end of the day some things don’t get done, not to blame myself in any way…
    We either need to clone ourselves or find more hours in the day…

  11. susurrus says:

    Happy blogiversary Eliza. I love what you do and feel confident that if you made any changes, I’d love those too. I was not prepared for the friendship aspect of blogging either and certainly feel the need to give back in return for the attention people kindly pay to my posts. If time is tight, or I am struggling with motivation, I just don’t blog, but I almost always read blogs, even if I don’t interact. I agree with you it is sometimes hard to know where to stop. I feel uncomfortable that I read blogs to the detriment of reading books, but it is better than reading the news, which I do too much too. This year I set the target to read 12 of Shakespeare’s plays, partly to offset that feeling.

    If I don’t blog for a while, I can see how easy it would be to get out of the habit. I don’t miss the act of blogging, but I do miss the people I follow and wonder what they are up to. I recently put a few pictures on to an Instagram account I have had for ages without posting to try to get a feeling for the platform everyone talks about. I had the strange feeling of not just missing the people I know on WordPress, but feeling as if I was letting them down by posting thoughts elsewhere where they couldn’t see them, though that is probably a bit far fetched! My experience so far confirms my instinct that blogging is a deeper, more thoughtful community.

    I don’t think you should ever think of deleting the blog, but just let it stay as it is and post whenever you feel you have something to share. The way I see it, a cared-for blog is a wonderful achievement and it is a great thing to be able to share ideas with people we know will listen, and be gentle and supportive.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you for such a thoughtful response, Susan. It echoes much of how I feel about our WP community (although I also follow a few other blogs in different platforms). When I think of giving up the blog, I feel sad, as I know I would miss everyone terribly! I just need to find a balance that works well for me.
      Glad you are part of the community, I’m the richer for it!

  12. spanishwoods says:

    I love what you post Eliza. Your photos are amazing and your talent in arranging flowers is inspiring. I relate to a lot of what you’ve mentioned and usually take a break from blogging when I feel it’s “one more thing on my list”. But ultimately, I come back (for now) to blogging because it holds me “accountable” to keep writing and keep noticing the beauty around me. Which may sound trivial, but we know how life can get in the way and the small tokens of beauty that surround us, like your little insect on the leaf, become invisible.

  13. I always love your content and I say continue doing what makes you happy. There are so many blogs out there to chose from, but one quickly realizes you can’t read and follow all of them. The ones you care about least quickly sift to the bottom, and now I only read the ones I love. I don’t feel like reading every day, but some days it’s all I want to do, so keep your sweet posts coming. I love seeing peoples garden layouts and their home and surroundings.
    I’ve been blogging off and on for over ten years and our content changes as we do. Since my surgery, I’ve had almost no desire to blog, and rather than feel bad about that, I’m trying to just go with the flow and hope the desire returns, even if more sporadic. Being laid up so long made me realize some things aren’t as important as others, and I don’t want to live with any more pressure in my life than necessary. While not having the desire to blog, I still very much enjoy reading others blogs and seeing their beautiful gardens, which oddly inspire me to garden more and blog less. My opinion is, life is short, with unexpected curves, so do what you love most.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Cindy, for your thoughtful response, and good advice! Our blogs reflect where we are currently in our lives, which of course, is always changing.
      I find your posts inspiringโ€“ your garden, porch and bouquets are magazine worthy! ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. Happy Anniversary! I think every blogger started with one reason in mind, and it morphs into something else. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also understand the balance of ‘living’ and ‘on-line life.’ I love the blogging community, but I don’t have the time to read a blogger that posts every day let alone several times a day. I went from posting three to four times a week to usually once or maybe twice a week. I’m also the webmaster for a nonprofit doing their website, blog (two posts a week), Instagram and FB so my time is doubled on line. So, I have my blogging friends that I do so enjoy when I read what’s going on in their lives, I’ve left some that aren’t a good fit, and try new ones now and again to see if I’m missing something. For instance, I always enjoy seeing how your gardens are doing, your lovely arrangements, and receiving your feedback on gardening issues. I always anticipate and enjoy your posts. โค๏ธ

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you so much, Judy. I appreciate your feedback and agree that finding a good fit makes blogging a joy. Anniversaries are a good time to reassess and make any changes, so that it continues to be so.
      Likewise, I love reading your blog and vicariously enjoy winters with you down South. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Treah Pichette says:

    I LOVE your blog! I have watched your writing get better & better over these years & your photos….well, they’ve ALWAYS been outstanding. And, oh yes, your talent as a flower designer is quite apparent. But I also understand very well, the pressures of “having to do” something can taint anything pleasurable. I hope you can find a middle ground path that gives you happiness no matter what you ultimately decide to do. And anyway, I get to see your garden regardless!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Val Boyko says:

    Thank you Eliza for sharing the garden and nature around you. I love seeing your flower beds, what catches your eye, and your creative vases. Keep doing what captures your heart.
    Life takes us in new directions, but our WP community is such a nice place to land. ๐Ÿ’›

  18. tidalscribe says:

    Especially at this oime of year, we want to be in the garden, but blogging takes a lot of time, but if you enjoy it keep going.

  19. Happy Blogiversary, Eliza! I just love your blog, it’s beauty of nature and colors always make me smile. I was an avid gardener 20 years ago, I hope some day I’ll be able to have a garden again. I enjoy yours and its results for now. ๐Ÿ™‚ On blogging, I’m at 10 years now I can’t believe it), it started with Osprey and a nest I watched daily for several years to share with my community (are you surprised?? hee hee). Other birds around became fascinating more and more, which resulted in me becoming an amateur birder. Wildlife got thrown in the mix with sightings and photos. Now I’m living in a new location doing Osprey journaling again! It can take me a good 6-8 hours minimum to go through photos to select and create each Osprey Bella & Beau post storyline. Very time-consuming, and sometimes I’m up way late trying to put it together because of my life’s regular commitments. But I made a commitment with B&B and do enjoy sharing another post that is finally complete, and then reading everyone’s comments that inspire me to continue. Because of my long B&B posts, I’ve tried to shorten my other posts every couple days to just one or a few photos. I know no one wants to read long posts, but it’s impossible to not share a week or so of Osprey happenings in a short post. I appreciate your following along with my blog and every comment you leave, but I sincerely mean it that in no way do I expect you to see every post I have or even comment. We are all busy, and yes, we follow too many blogs, because we love them and the people we’ve become friends with. And then the guilt trip starts, I know what you mean! Since I am always behind on others’ posts, I usually catch up on another blog, reading several of their posts, one after the other. Oh, and I don’t use Reader, I use emails and view everything on my laptop which is bigger and better! I created a special folder that I drop the incoming email posts in and jump from those. I have been laxing a little more on commenting lately, but definitely making sure I let the blogger know I was there by ‘liking’ their post. ๐Ÿ™‚ It can be tough juggling our fun hobbies with our life, do what feels right for you. I hope I continue to see you!

  20. Irene says:

    Congrats and so glad to have met you through blogging.

  21. Jim R says:

    Six yrs is a good long time. Iโ€™m glad you are still at it. I like your explanation of how your experience evolved. It sounds familiar. Six or Seven yrs ago I was part of a big blogging community. I posted weekly and put lots of time and energy into each. It got to be a chore. Then weird things happened and I was banned. I moved to another small community of bloggers. Nothing happened there. So, I gave WordPress a try. I edited and moved most of my previous posts to here. Being a lifelong teacher, I donโ€™t think I will quit.

    Blog about things you like. Donโ€™t try to write for other people unless they ask for something specifically. If I run dry of ideas, so be it. Blogging is kind of like watching soap operas. It isnโ€™t hard to pick up where you left off. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for making comments on what I post. Not a lot of people take the time here, or in other social media sites, to actually write down some thoughts. It is very much appreciated. And, keep the flowers coming. They are beautiful.

  22. Mike Powell says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary. I relate so well to many of your comments. I used to feel almost compelled to post daily, but now have a more balanced approach and I know it is not the end of the world. Post for yourself–that is the only advice I can give you. We do this out of love, not for money. Our posts connect us with an amazing array of folks from all around the world and I think that is one of the major benefits of a blog. We all have lives in the real world and understand that not all of our “followers” have the time to actively follow us. Best wishes, Eliza, for many more happy years of blogging.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you very much, Mike. I love your sensible way of blogging! We must do what we can do to maintain our own sense of balance. I have really enjoyed ‘meeting’ and conversing with folks from all over the planet. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  23. Maria says:

    Hi Eliza. I’ve been away from blogging for other reasons. I agree that in order to stay balanced with the way time is invested is to just do what is more convenient for you. I took away the “Likes” for that reason. That way, I can take away the ‘social media’ aspect of it. At least, for me, not seeing the “Likes” there helps with taking away the pressure to visit too many blogs which take time and the ‘social media’ aspect is eliminated. This ‘loyalty’ notion for me comes, unfortunately, from social media expectations. I do give “Likes” to some blogs, but they don’t expect anything back from me, nor do I from them.

    • Maria says:

      As for the content of the your blog I think that you have very useful information about plants and that your photography is both artistic and documentary. Thank you for your comments on my blog!

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Maria. I know what you mean about ‘like’ notifications which prompt you to return the visit. That is simple to do when you have 20, but hardly possible when you have 100. I tend to concentrate on the comments, which engage us in a different way. One must figure out their best strategy, I guess!

  24. Happy Anniversary. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am at 6.5 blogging years and much has changed over that time, including my reasons for blogging. I stopped posting a couple of times because I was having surgery, but I came back to it. I have a very demanding, high stress job, and blogging takes me away from that, forces me to think about other things besides work, even if I’m just reading and not posting. And, I have “met” some lovely people.
    In the end, you need to do what feels right and comfortable for you.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you kindly, Lynette. I appreciate your sharing your thoughts. There are many lovely aspects to blogging that I can’t imagine my life without it. It enriches in many ways.

  25. Congrats, congrats! You have raised an interesting issue. The more your blog grows, the more comments you get. And also connections with other bloggers. When this happens, reading and commenting can become time consuming. It can happen that some bloggers get so many readers that they can’t possibly keep up with reading and commenting. In a way, I hope this never happens to me as, like you, I cherish all the connections I’ve made not only in this country, but also around the world. My life is so much richer because of blogging. I have a smart phone, and one way I handle reading and commenting is to do it in chunks when I have twenty minutes or so of spare time. Sometimes even in the car when Clif and I are doing errands. He goes in, I stay behind and read a few blogs. So far, so good. As for your blog…as someone who loves words, I would like to see more written content, even just once a week. But I always enjoy seeing your beautiful photos, and those posts are always a treat. Anyway, keep us posted, and I hope you find a combination that works for you.

  26. Maggie says:

    I have always blogged for myself. Anything that comes out of that is a benefit. I have been sad when bloggers I loved following, stopped suddenly. But I realize that living our life is what is most important.

    I have blogs I follow and read religiously. Others, I read occasionally. It is a needed balance because I write every day. I find that as I grow and change, the blogs I keep in my reader also change. I love reading the content of fellow bloggers. It has really kept me off of Facebook which is a blessing. I love the relationships and the interchange of support and ideas with a broader spectrum of people.

    Perhaps dedicating one or two days to blogging and then read as you have time. As far as content, just be authentic โ€” wherever that leads you. I think we all ask the same questions of ourselves from time to time.

  27. Happy Blogiversary, dear Eliza! Your photos are always beautiful, uplifting and inspiring. When you write in accompaniment of the pictures of your beautiful creative gardens and arrangements, I enjoy that so very much as well. Youโ€™re a wonderful writer. Over the years, Iโ€™ve learned to post when I feel a nudge or feel I have something I wish to offer. After trying to hard to structure it all, I realized Inspiration doesnโ€™t come to me that way. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for sharing your creative heart in the many ways you offer it here. Iโ€™m so glad I found your blog a few years ago. Best wishes as you continue. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ž

  28. Happy Anniversary! I really enjoy your posts. They’re beautiful, bright and cheerful. I also learn a lot from them too like the names of different flowers. You have so much knowledge to share! I hope you continue to blog and only do what you can! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Tranature - quiet moments in nature says:

    Happy Blogoversary dear Eliza! ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŽ‰ Every image and vase created by you with love sparkles in my Reader and I hope you will continue to create and share what makes you happy. The connections we make through blogging are special to me too and I do my best to visit others and comment when I can. I take short blogging breaks a few times a year and that makes it easy to start again and get back into the routine of creating new posts with a fresh pair of eyes. Here’s wishing you many more happy years of blogging! ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’– xxx

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Xenia! I think taking breaks might be a good idea for me, although I tend to feel guilty about it – like I’m not ‘showing up.’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ Perhaps if I looked at differently, like I’m ‘reenergizing’ myself, it might feel more positive and doable. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Tranature - quiet moments in nature says:

        That’s a great way to look at it Eliza and it’s lovely to re-energise from time to time ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’– xxx

  30. Congratulations! I enjoy reading your blog posts and seeing the beautiful photos. With my blog, I post a few times a week and try to get a few posts ahead of me so I don’t feel stressed. It doesn’t always work, but I wouldn’t stop blogging for anything. It’s become a part of my life now. Like you, I spend a lot of time in Reader:)

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Correne. It’s good to know that I have lots of company in balancing life with blogging. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It can be challenging sometimes, weaving our way through life.

  31. Happy Blogiversary! I’m guilty of not commenting often, but I do enjoy everything you post. My time spent reading blogs has drastically fallen over the years, as bloggers have stopped writing. It’s amazing how many fewer posts show up in my blog reader these days.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Loree! I appreciate your feedback, as I know you are busy with lots of plates in the air.
      Attrition is significant here in the blogging world, someone commented that the average is 3 years, which makes us old hands. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sometimes I wonder where my old favorites are and how they are getting on, but the bittersweet ones are the ones that have passed on. I miss them and their voices.

  32. Congrats Eliza!
    So far I have seen in my short journey of blogging, it is something that gives me inspiration and also helps me refresh my mind. Now it has become a part of life.I like to visit other blogger’s posts ,read and comment sometimes. Its great to read your blog regarding different plants and flower arrangements.
    Thanks for sharing your great work with us and I hope to get beautiful posts from you in the future.
    Happy years of Blogging!

  33. I always look forward to reading and viewing your posts; whether youโ€™re โ€œinโ€ your terrific garden or writing on another topic.
    I enjoy keeping up with the people I follow too but it does take a lot of time to do so. I guess Iโ€™m a bit hooked.
    Congratulations on your 6th Eliza!

  34. Congratulations Eliza

  35. I love your content. It’s like visual self-care. And, seeing your “like” come through when I post as well, especially as a more recent blogger just getting my footing and my following, truly makes my day. I literally think to myself if it’s been a day since I posted and I haven’t seen you, “Where’s Eliza? I hope that post was good.” ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s wonderful to find supportive community in such a sea of negativity. Trust your journey and your instincts…you are adding great value to the world as I see it either posting or simply responding and acknowledging others. Congrats and namaste. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Catwoods says:

    Congratulations on 6 years, Eliza! I always enjoy your posts, both visuals and words! But I do understand about the time taken to keep up with everything. I really enjoy the comment conversing but due to the energy constraints I find it challenging to get around to everyone, compose comments that make sense, etc. And so I worry that someone might feel left out even though I’ve truly enjoyed and ‘liked’ their posts.

  37. Alice says:

    Super congratulations, Eliza. You are a wonderful person, who contributes so very much to all of us, through sharing your love of family, pets, gardening, nature & your knowledge. On the ‘side’, you ID plants, take a moment to comment on my ๐Ÿ˜‹ lunch, share joy in whatever I’ve shared with you! Be happy doing what you want to do…no-one can truly decide that but you. Your vase arrangements are totally amazing & I find it so fun to see how many plants I know & to learn from you & pass it all on to my daughter & grand-daughter. Thank you so much for all you do! I know you have enriched my life so much, by sharing.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Aw, what an awesome comment, Alice! I feel that our blogging friendship has added to my life as well. I’d love to have lunch with you in person some day, if I ever get out to your end of the state. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Happy Anniversary Eliza! I enjoy your blog and seeing your beautiful gardens & flowers! We live in a condo now so our own gardens are much smaller than they used to be. I also think about stopping my blog, but then I keep it going at least for now.

  39. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    I love your posts Eliza; your beautiful images from your garden and your part of this world of ours, your inspirational flower arrangements. Love it all. I know it is hard striking balance, but if you enjoy something why stop? When I see you have a new post in my reader I can’t wait to leap in๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Cathy says:

    You are amazing too Eliza! I really love seeing your garden, flowers you have picked from it for a vase, and the lovely photography of pieces of your plot of land throughout the year. I do feel very much the same way as you too – I would love to write more about plants and experiences with my garden, but find my time taken up by reading other blogs and often my energy/inspiration to write is just sapped at the end of the day. The Monday vases are the only thing that has kept my blog going at times, but even that is such an insight into what grows in different parts of the world and I have learnt so very much just from looking at vases and exchanging comments with you and other blogging friends. I am happy to see/read whatever you feel like sharing Eliza. Happy 6th Blogiversary! xx

  41. Jewels says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures, Eliza, and happy 6th blogversary! I know what you mean about keeping up with the reading and writing of blogs. I think it’s okay to go with the ebb and flow of life and just allow your blogging (reading or writing) to be whatever feels natural at any given time. I can relate to the fear of missing out with about 10 of the blogs I follow – yours being one of them. I’ve come to truly care about ‘you people’ and what’s going on in your lives. ๐Ÿ˜ It’s hard in the summer because my routine changes and I don’t have as much time to read everyday, so I worry about missing out.
    I love everything you post, Eliza, so I wouldn’t concern yourself with content. People evolve. Just be. Thank you for bring a part of my blog community. I love you! xx โค

    • Eliza Waters says:

      My heart just grew 2x reading your comment, Julie! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s awesome folks like you that make me love blogging and couldn’t leave willingly!
      10 blogs only? There’s my problem, I follow too many, lol! ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I appreciate your kind comments and sharing your world (esp. your mandalas and sweet grandkids) with me. Big hugs!

      • Jewels says:

        I follow WAY more than 10 blogs, but it’s only about 10 of them (maybe 15) who I always want to be sure to read and keep up with. I had to scale down the number of blogs that came into my inbox, I just couldn’t keep up. Now I only receive around 25 daily. The rest I have to go through the reader to see, and I’ll scroll there when time allows. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Eliza Waters says:

        Ah, that makes sense!

  42. Widdershins says:

    Happy 6th Blog-O-Versary!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ … I like what you do. ๐Ÿ˜€ … this blogging lark has it’s ups and downs that’s for sure … but if we post what and when we want to and not stick to an arbitrary schedule, (unless it’s a business commitment) and read and comment when and where we want to then I reckon we’re ahead of the game. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Kris P says:

    Happy blog anniversary, Eliza! I’d never have met you either virtually or in person if we hadn’t both taken up blogging and it makes me sad to think we’d have missed that opportunity to connect. While I started my own blog with the idea of creating an on-line record of my progress in transforming my garden, I also discovered that being part of a community is a bigger – and to my mind – more important aspect of the process. A few of my local friends dabble with gardening but it’s not nearly as important to them as it is to me – blogging put me in contact with people as interested in plants and gardens and nature as I am. I consider that community a virtual garden club of sorts. My area isn’t exactly teaming with dedicated gardeners and I’ve yet to discover a local garden club that provides the same opportunity to share as the blog connections provide.

    As to the time commitment, it’s a concern I fully appreciate. I trimmed my weekly posts somewhat from their peak frequency in 2014 and there’s a good possibility I’ll reduce my posts from three a week to one or two at some point, at least during the “off season” (summer). I’ve periodically found myself struggling to find topics to post about on occasion and I don’t want to transform blogging into a chore. I hope you’ll continue too, posting with whatever frequency you’re happy with.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Kris. I feel the same and am grateful to have met you in person and seen your lovely garden and SCBG, too. I feel blessed with the blogging friendships (virtual and in person) that I’ve made online. I like the idea that we have a ‘virtual’ garden club going here, with some really dedicated and knowledgeable gardeners. So enriching. I have learned much from your blog, particularly expanding my recognition of plants that I can’t grow in my climate. Grevillea, Leucadendron, Echeveria, etc! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Rebecca says:

    Your beautiful flowers always brighten my day! Happy Blogiversary!

  45. ladyfi says:

    I love your blog and pictures. Very soothing. I too have thought of stopping my blog many times – partly because reading and commenting take up so much time. I feel, however, that just putting up more posts but not commenting isn’t a good way to keep up the connections with other people, which is why I have reduced the number of times I post.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Fi, glad you find something pleasing here. It is not always easy to balance work, home and blogging, but we try!
      I really enjoy seeing your dogs and those marvelous sunrise and sunset shots on the lake. One never tires of beauty!

  46. gaiainaction says:

    Congratulations Eliza, I’ve been reading your blogs on and off and have always loved your writing and photography. Like you I also find it hard to get the balance right and sometimes I write a lot and other times I have writer’s block, and other times again I am too busy. The beauty of our WordPress blogs is that we can pace ourselves, stay away for a while and then come back full strength. I look forward to many more of your excellent posts.

  47. naturebackin says:

    Hallo Eliza – congratulations on the 6th anniversary of your blog. I always enjoy your photos and your posts. The photos in this post are gorgeous by the way. I also enjoy it when you share your thoughts about nature and the environment and the land and the seasons in your region, I know exactly what you mean about the tension between posting and reading. I try to stick with posting once a week as I am afraid that if I don’t have that timetable I might just permanently postpone coming up with the next post, as from week to week I usually have no idea what I will be posting about. Sometimes my energy flags, and I consider taking a break, and I think that can be a good idea, but I am afraid that if I stop I might not start again,but several bloggers I follow take breaks now and again and I think it helps them not feel stale about blogging. I also like learning about other parts of the world and meeting other people via blogging even though I am often several days behind with my reading. I mostly limit my reading to more nature-based blogs because I have to draw the line somewhere! Many blogs that I really like I don’t always manage to engage with and I can feel quite stressed about that. I prefer it when people post no more than once or twice a week as then I get to visit more bloggers and have more time to enjoy and engage. I greatly appreciate that you visit my blog and take the time to write your interesting comments. Thank you so much.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you for your lovely response, Carol. In the past, I’ve taken a week or so off from posting, but even then I’ve read posts for the reasons I outlined (FOMO!). I miss days sometimes, particularly around the holidays, but I suppose so do a lot of people.
      I appreciate your posts (as well as your comments here), and I’ve learned quite a bit about SA from your blog. The flora and fauna are so different from hereโ€“ I love learning about them.

      • naturebackin says:

        Thanks Eliza, and likewise I enjoy learning about your neck of the woods and the ebbs and flows in your garden. The different conditions help me to see what we have here with a fresher perspective.
        And re blogging, I have set aside time to day to catch up on much overdue blog reading, even though that means other things remain undone. Perhaps it is good to have lots to juggle (especially when they are good things) ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Eliza, your content is you. I feel your Heart, your essence, your Peace and the Beauty you bring to all of us is why so many come here. I love what you are doing. As for blogging, I wish I could produce more posts but between the comments and going in return to those blogs I follow, it is very time consuming. Blogging is not just a one way street, as you fondly said. It’s about developing relationships and sharing. There are times that I too think of walking away from blogging. Between all I am juggling, life would be much simpler, but I’d so miss the relationships I’ve developed over the years. Speaking of years, congratulations on blogging 6 years. That is to be commended!! LOVED every one of your pictures but the second one grabbed my Heart and wouldn’t let go. There is just something about this picture. It’s so soft and feminine. Just like you. (smile) ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ

  49. Congratulations on your 6 years of blogging Eliza! I too spend much more time reading than writing and I can’t keep up with it all, so I can’t always visit every post a blogger makes, I post every two weeks (usually), which gives me plenty of time to do other things and other writing as well as hopefully keeping up with reading blogs.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Andrea. Sounds like we are of like minds in trying to stay balanced. My average posting is twice a week, but reading is daily, nearly every free moment. I think I’d feel lost without that connection. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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