Ice Fantastic


Ice is the perfect Rorschach test. When I look at these photos of the waterfall ice, I see all sorts of things among the patterns of light and dark, clear and opaque. IMG_4037Do you see the Buddha in the cave?

IMG_4039Or how about this crackle glazing on a moss and lichen covered boulder? Looks like reptile skin to me.

IMG_4035Speaking of reptilian, I see a dinosaur skull with eye socket and sharp teeth. How about you? You can see the water flowing behind the creature’s mouth. It may be simple entertainment, but it gets me out in the fresh air to enjoy the Ice Fantastic!


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39 Responses to Ice Fantastic

  1. ladygrace33 says:

    Can’t see Buddha, but a bird and on the side it look like cave-painting of different animals 🙂

  2. Sue Vincent says:

    I can see him… fabulous pics!

  3. dorannrule says:

    Chilly entertainment but you have my attention. We have sunshine and wind here so the clouds will have to do. 🙂

  4. The second picture looks like a little boy riding a toy car into a cave. The last picture looks like someone holding his nose and falling backwards! I used to love doing this with clouds when I was a kid. Very nice pictures!

  5. Maria F. says:

    What textures, very nice!

  6. mk says:

    I especially like the second one. I see a bird in profile, looking back for just a moment before venturing into the ice cave.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Yes, another said similar, I can see it. Isn’t ice just amazing? I hope you are well, haven’t seen much of you on the blogosphere lately. Or is that just my imagination?

      • mk says:

        Yes, ice is a whole different world. It can be kind of magical, can’t it? You’re right, I haven’t been wandering around the blogosphere much lately. I’ve had a few excursions, but I never got around to posting any of the pictures. I should do that. And, I signed up for Otto van Munchow’s online photography workshop. Our first assignment is due tomorrow.

        It’s nice to be missed!

      • Eliza Waters says:

        How exciting! I visited his site. Is this for street photography? Will you be posting your assignments? Looking forward to seeing how you like it. Glad you are doing well in sunny LA!

  7. I totally see Buddha now that you pointed him out. I have the most unimaginative of minds, Eliza, but can easily be led along. I’ve been looking forward to some snowy-icy shots from Massachusetts.

  8. Robbie says:

    I see buddha! Am, I normal:-)lol

  9. mk says:

    Otto von Munchow’s workshop isn’t about street photography. It’s called “Finding Your Photographic Voice”. As best I understand, it’s about exercises in sensitivity to the elements of a photograph, with the goal of being able to express what it is you want to express. The workshop is my Christmas gift. I won’t be posting any of the assignments that I turn in. But — I took pictures on my excursions that don’t really qualify for the assignments, but which I like. So I will post some of those.

  10. Jewels says:

    Ice Fantastic is right, these images are amazing Eliza!

  11. I liked this Eliza. It really shows us what we look for in life.

  12. Robin says:

    I spotted the Buddha right away! These are fantastic, Eliza. Ice can be so beautiful. 🙂

  13. Rebecca says:

    As someone else has commented above, Eliza, your ice photographs are stunning. I could never grow tired of them.

  14. RMW says:

    Love all the textures and patterns of the ice… when it comes to winter I just have to live vicariously through your photos!

  15. These ice formations make for great abstracts! Well done!

  16. Fantastic Photos! Photo #1: On the far upper left, I see a person bent over and writing on something…the far right, a woman looking at the man writing, and a short distance at the top on the right, a person looking at the woman. Photo #2: In the center, I see a fairy, with her wings down, looking towards the inside of the ice. Photo #3: Snake skin. Photo #4: In the upper far left, the little fairy again, with wings down, more content than the view in photo #1. These are my responses. Fun! Love them all! Thank you, Eliza!

  17. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    I see a bird in the cave, but no Buddha. Love the reptile skin! I do that too. I see shapes and faces in everything – ice, rocks, clouds. I love letting the imagination wander. Brings out the inner kid. Beautiful pictures, Eliza. Just gorgeous.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Mary. It is fun (and healthy) to let our imaginations wander!
      BTW, I’ve tagged you for a 3-day quote challenge – I hope you feel up to it! 🙂

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