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Making Tracks

Living in the country as we do, we share our land with many wild creatures. Though rarely seen as most are nocturnal, we occasionally see sign of them in a muddy footprint by the river or a soft spot of … Continue reading

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At My Feeder

Today, as it steadily snowed tiny, soft flakes, Pine siskins, along with an American goldfinch or two mobbed my thistle feeder.   I was transfixed by their constant fluttering and twittering, and impressed by their lack of fear of my presence. However, in … Continue reading

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Cell Division

These bubbles trapped in ice looked to me like cells dividing. The one on the left even has a nucleus. Note the ‘bullet hole’ bubble in the upper left corner. I’m never bored when walking out in nature as there … Continue reading

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Deck the Halls

The surprise snow storm on Thanksgiving gifted us with a lot of windfall, as many branches broke, unable to hold the heavy, wet snow, leaving the ground scattered with debris. The timing was perfect, saving me from having to cut … Continue reading

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Simple things……

Originally posted on Quotes for Spiritually minded people:
To find yourself in awe over the stars and moon during the night.To feel grateful after a walk in natures beauty. To be filled with joy by a birds beautiful song; is…

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Mid life crisis

I couldn’t have said this any better!

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