Be Here Now

“Be Here Now”  ~  Ram Das

IMG_0912Words to live by. I often use this phrase to shift my focus back to the present moment, instead of ruminating about some past event or anticipating a future one. Some refer to it as “Monkey Mind,” with thoughts jumping all through one’s head instead of completely being present with what is in front of one. Mental suffering often accompanies living in the past or future, as we agonize over a ‘has-been’ or worry about something that may never even happen. 

IMG_0945I find that by focusing on the present moment, time actually seems to expand, even slow down. I more fully enjoy my task or surroundings the more attention I give to it. I will remember it better as well.

Summer seems to be fleeing fast and the best way I know how to keep it, is to focus fully on the glory that surrounds me. The slant of light coming through the trees, the warmth of the sun on my skin, the light breeze and soft air, redolent with the odors of earth and growing things.

IMG_9973The sound of water bubbling in the fountain outside my door, flowing over shallows at the river or splashing down our waterfall. And always, there are birds calling from somewhere, be it in the bushes or the zip of swallows across the sky, twittering as the dart to and fro after bugs that are invisible to my eye.

IMG_0959I watch the lazy flow of clouds overhead, inhale deeply the freshly mown grass, fragrant lilies or the honeyed scent of nicotiana in the early evening. All assist me in my being here now. 


We never know how many more moments we have, nothing is guaranteed, except this one moment that is a gift to do with as we please. I encourage you to make it beautiful, breathe deeply and see the many blessings that surround you when you are fully present, being here now.

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31 Responses to Be Here Now

  1. mk says:

    It’s been a difficult couple of weeks for me, and be here now has helped me to re-center. And if I am already centered, be here now is joyous and expansive. It is a truly miraculous phrase for me, especially when it becomes three phrases. Be. Here. Now. It stops time.

  2. Absolutely beautifully expressed, Eliza, and awareness in the present moment is absolutely the key to happiness. Thank you for sharing photos from your garden 😉 Such a luxury of wonderful flowers! We grow Nicotania, too, and I am sad to say I haven’t ventured out to enjoy its evening fragrance yet this year. You are inspiring me to delve a little deeper. Thank you. Was the final photo “Love in the Mist”? The foliage looks like Cosmos, but the flower is so unusual- Best wishes, WG

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Elizabeth for your kind words. Yes, it is Nigella, Love-in-a-mist. They self-sow every year and it is interesting to see the crosses. This one, white (purity) with drops of red (passion), makes a nice combination, don’t you think? 🙂

      • Stunning. Do you know the legend of Sophia? A perfect flower in her tribute 😉 What fun to observe the crosses each season. I’ve done that with 4 0’clocks, but not yet with Nigella. Only 2 butterflies spotted today in the garden, over a span of about 3 hours. I got photos of one of them…. where are they this year??? Best wishes, WG

      • Eliza Waters says:

        Oh, I must tell you! I saw my first monarch in my garden – I was over the moon! It looked a bit battered, so it may be northbound, 4th stage. If it is southbound, it looks pretty handicapped. But my squeal of delight sent the dog a-barking! 🙂

      • Finally! So glad you found a Monarch in your garden. We’ve had several pretty battered and beaten butterflies here, too. With all the storms this summer, not too surprised, but still sorry for them. I hope your Monarch recognizes your garden as a good nursery spot for laying its eggs. Thank you for letting us know 😉 WG

  3. I love the idea of this but it is very difficult to maintain. Your pictures are very beautiful and calming!

  4. I am so glad to read this tonight. This fills me with such great thoughts before going to bed.
    I think we all could use this gentle reminder as we feel summer is “slipping” away. Be Here Now- we miss it when we do not notice it.

  5. dorannrule says:

    Your words and photos here are truly the breath of summer. And yes, those moments weave the fabric of a good life.

  6. Trini says:

    Oh, this is an amazing post with so lovely and soothing photo! 🙂 Yes, I think especially when there is something sad and worrisome in life, then it is hard to be in the moment and seek the joy that is there 🙂 But, if we can manage it, then that is the best medicine against worry 🙂

  7. Mary says:

    Beautiful post and love the soothing photographs.

  8. This is so beautifully written. I totally agree with you; we have to be aware and appreciate even the small things in our lives. I could read this over and over again…

  9. Robbie says:

    Oh Eliza, this is a beautiful post:-) Lovely words woven with beautiful pics…oh ,how I wish I could stop by and wander through your paradise:-) lovely:-)

  10. I love this piece. Your words and photos drew me in and helped me linger in your world to enjoy the beauty and peacefulness.

  11. Zara says:

    I inhaled each word…feeling very refreshed! Beautifully penned

  12. ladyfi says:

    Wonderful words and shots.

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