Your Path

IMG_5743Your path, like all paths, has its seasons. Many bends can make it difficult to follow. Stop and rest when you are tired, or dance and sing when it pleases you. The tallest trees are totems belonging to the heavens. Saplings are teachers; they reveal how each of us can make use of small amounts of light. Some trees have fallen, as will you one day. They feed the many lives that have no wings. They become soft with time, offering an unseen world the best of food and shelter.

Much on your path will seem to have no reason. Still more will cause you great confusion. clear your mind as often as you desire. Nothing exists on your path that you do not require. You will have a million questions. You will live the answers. Your mind is a fertile place that loves to play with rhyme and reason. It loves to experiment with possibilities and combine all sorts of things to see what happens. Allow it. Your creative mind will not harm you. Walk with conviction, tenderness, and love. You may have only one opportunity to walk this path. Savor its fragrance, its many sounds, and see the way life embraces light. One night, ten million fireflies will gather to begin their sacred dance around you. They will set your heart on fire. You will rise up, leave your body, and begin the next season of your life. You are the phoenix rising.

by Bob Luckin  Reprinted from Daily Guides November 13, 2013

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  1. This was so absolutely beautiful and so timely for me right now. thank you!

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