Silent Sunday – Trillium

Wake Robin (Trillium erectum)

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91 Responses to Silent Sunday – Trillium

  1. Isha says:

    Looks like it’s about to say something wise!

  2. Maria says:

    Exquisite! The colour is so deep.

  3. Anne says:

    This is very pretty.

  4. ghsmith76 says:

    Never seen a red Trillium, Way Cool

  5. Dale says:

    So pretty!

  6. No words are needed with Trillium.

  7. shoreacres says:

    Even white-flower-loving me sighs with pleasure when I see these red Trilliums. What a beauty!

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Linda. I love that rich red color, but their other common name, ‘Stinking Benjamin’ is most worthy. I made the mistake of sniffing one once out of curiosity and it curled my toes!

  8. neihtn2012 says:

    So beautiful!

  9. A bright and beautiful welcome to the day.

  10. Happily, I have seen some of those in the wild. You really have to know where they grow.

  11. ke01341 says:

    Thank you for posting this beautiful gift from nature

  12. Alice says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! Excellent photo…a flower that must like the #3.

  13. Dee Min says:


  14. These can’t be photographed much better than this, Eliza. You found one with less of a droop and the background is lovely.

  15. Robin says:

    How pretty! It looks like it is leaning in to listen, or perhaps to say something. 🙂

  16. sandyjwhite says:

    Love the color!

  17. What a gorgeous color!

  18. Love these, nice shot! Another thing I miss from the frozen north/

  19. Val Boyko says:

    One of my favorite photos of yours Eliza 💐

  20. Debbie says:

    Google tells me Trillium grows in Illinois, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one (at least, not one that I recognized as such). This one looks fit for royalty, Eliza. That color … ah!

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Debbie. I agree, such a luscious deep-red. Most places other than locally, it seems that white trillium predominate. I have a yellow one in my shade garden, but it isn’t a native.

  21. Tranature - quiet moments in nature says:

    A beautiful image Eliza and what a gorgeous flower! 💜

  22. What a beauty! Wonderful photo!

  23. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing! xx Michael

  24. Cathy says:

    Wow, what a lovely colour! 😃

  25. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Pretty name, pretty flower

  26. Beautiful capture and color!🙂

  27. Pretty veining on the petals, a very delightful spring ephemeral!

  28. Pepper says:

    I love trilliums and this is a perfect image of a trillium. 😊👏

  29. pbmgarden says:

    Most unusual color. Lovely!

  30. Are trilliums supposed to look like waking robins, or are they supposed to cause robins to wake up, or does the name come with some other explanation?

  31. What beautiful colours. It’s a lovely plant!

  32. It’s such a handsome flower. If it bloomed during the winter, it would compete with poinsettia for main holiday decoration.

  33. Beautiful 🙂 ❤ 🙂

  34. Jet Eliot says:

    i heard myself gasp when this photo popped onto my screen, Eliza. The color is exquisite and the photo is delightfully sweet. Many thanks.

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  36. Jane Lurie says:

    Fabulous flower portrait, Eliza. 😍❤️

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