Primrose Yellow

In my gardens, I have three colors of Cowslips (Primula veris): red/orange, deep yellow and pale yellow, which is my favorite. I’ve arranged it with the lovely sky-blue Grape Hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum) ‘Valerie Finnis’a sprig of Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’ and Barrenwort (Epimedium x versicolor ‘Sulphureum’).

Primula, Muscari vase

Primrose, Grape Hyacinth, Euphorbia, Barrenwort

How nice it is to have blooming flowers from my own garden to arrange once again!

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138 Responses to Primrose Yellow

  1. susurrus says:

    A lovely combination. I have always called the pale ones oxlips and thought of them as midway between the cowslip and primrose. This year I have been trying to find cowslips and oxlips to compare, and have been finding plants that seem neither decidedly one nor the other, so perhaps it is less clear cut than I’d imagined. I thought both types would be more common round here than they seem to be, unless I am looking in all the wrong places.

    • Eliza Waters says:

      Thank you, Susan. Interesting to learn about the different names. It seems I’ve acquired about 5 or 6 species now.
      I’ve read that in the UK they grow in the hedgerows and moist meadows. Mine seem most happy in the shade of our hedge. They have been really outstanding this year!

  2. naturebackin says:

    Brilliant combination of colour and form and the remarkable vase sets it off uncannily well.It must be so wonderful to have flowers again in the garden to gather for the vase.

  3. Gracefully Global travels says:

    I love this color combination.

  4. so beautiful, Eliza

  5. Maria says:

    Beautiful framing with vase.

  6. nshami14 says:

    Oh, these are lovely and unique. I learn so much from you about flowers I have never even heard of. Thank you!

  7. myplaidheart says:

    Perfectly lovely!

  8. Lovely arrangement and vase choice! Yellow and blue are one of my favorite color combos.

  9. Geri Lawhon says:

    Wonderful bouquet in a lovely vase. Thanks

  10. fotosbykarin says:

    So pretty, i like the matching color of the vase.

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