Rite of Spring

Violet TeaOne of our traditions that has become a rite of spring is to make Violet Tea. We celebrate the beginning of the growing season with a tea party. My young neighbors and I look forward to this every year; it’s such a delight to share a cuppa of these sweeties.

Making Violet Tea: Gather a cup or two of fresh blossoms, stems removed. We add a few sprigs of fresh mint for extra flavor. Place in teapot. Add water heated to just below boiling (160-180F). Steep five minutes. Enjoy! Violets are high in vitamin C and make pretty additions to salads or just for snacking.

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  1. This is so cool! I didn’t know violets were edible. I used to make salads and throw in some wild rose petals, now I can add violets too. Thanks for the inspiration, Eliza. Adorable photos. Enjoy. 🙂

  2. MNL says:

    that tea looks lovely, so cool!

  3. SunnyD says:

    What an amazing tradition. I love this!

  4. Sounds great, thx for sharing!

  5. Garden Gal says:

    What a sweet idea!

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