Silent Sunday


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Gardener, writer, photographer, naturalist
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26 Responses to Silent Sunday

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Ahhh, the open spaces!

  2. maureenc says:

    The hazy blue distance

  3. Kina says:

    Home sweet home. 😊

  4. georgetteann says:

    Such a beautiful view! 💛

  5. Nice to see some orange foliage from the other side of the country. The yellows and golds here are so predominate. Super image!

  6. Jewels says:

    Spectacular views! ❤

  7. Laurie Graves says:

    Oh, beautiful! Where is it?

  8. If I ever need to return to the silence, the mountain is my refuge Eliza. Beautiful.

  9. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    Ah yes, Eliza. So expansive…my mind feels free looking at it. Relaxing. Thank you for sharing that moment with us.

  10. Its really silent there.
    What if our mind could be so.

  11. MK says:

    I especially enjoyed your photo after I clicked on it, and could see so much detail. Love the way the mountains fade to blue and blue-grey in the distance.

  12. Kathy Sturr says:

    Picture postcard perfect! The colors are so beautiful. I enjoyed the changes at the Lake immensely this past weekend.

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