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  1. dorannrule says:

    Great idea Eliza! We have left the little live tree on our deck and it should last a good long while. The birds already love it as a “safe house” before they hit the feeder. 🙂

  2. Kina says:

    I just found out that goats love to eat Christmas trees. Farms around here are accepting trees. Never knew that.

  3. wspines says:

    When I had a tree we did this and made an evening of it with the kids popping and stringing cranberries and popcorn, oranges cut in half with peanut butter topping and pinecones filled with sees and peanut butter. Then we had the fun of watching the birds and squirrels having a wonderful time. Thanks for reminding me of such simple pleasures. Then in the spring I would cut up the tree and spread the branches under holly and other evergreen trees.

  4. mk says:

    Such good ideas to let a christmas tree live on with local creatures! What an excellent hiding place, and with a few seeds & peanuts thrown in, a raucous boarding house is born.

  5. ladygrace33 says:

    Got one in my garden right at this moment 🙂

  6. maureenc says:

    For the 30 years we lived on the farm I used to use Norfolk pines for our Christmas tree, and when the current one seemed too big for reporting it was planted either in a corner of the house yard or out near the stock yard. The birds and perenti lizards loved them. Butcher birds and magpies nested there and the lizards came to try steal eggs and hatchlings. The cattle enjoyed the shade.
    Now I’m in suburbia and I use a lilli- pilli for my tree and it needs re-potting!

    • Eliza Waters says:

      I had to look up what a lilli-pilli tree was – what pretty fruit! Does it fruit in time for Christmas? It is interesting what folks use who don’t have access to the traditional conifers. I think someone should do a photo book of Christmas observance in the tropics – it would be so interesting! It is nice that you use a live tree. Thanks for stopping by, Maureen!

  7. smilingtoad says:

    Excellent suggestion! We used to warble off to the farm where we would obtain a tiny young spruce Christmas tree every year that I would put into the basketball-hoop on a platform with a few little purple rice lights. Birds LOVED it up there. Kept it there throughout the winter for them. We didn’t get a larger one. The one outside was just right. Nothing better than a wee Christmas tree way up in a basketball-hoop brimming with little sparrows. Jubilant cheers to you!

    smiling toad

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