Finally Back Home

I wanted to share with you a book I think is too good to keep to myself. It is the recently published debut anthology, Finally Back Home. It is the work of the talented young poet Irfaan Ihsan Jaffer, who is currently a Doctoral candidate studying comparative religion with the application of religious mysticism in the modern world at York University in Ontario, Canada.


I first became acquainted with Ihsan through his WordPress blog, iithinks, soon after I started my own blog. Although I would not say that I am greatly drawn to poetry, when I first read Ihsan’s poems, I was astounded at how this relatively young man was so spiritually wise. His poems expressed the depth of what I had experienced through my own spiritual journey, but found nearly impossible to articulate. I commented to him that he described “the indescribable,” a phrase he aptly adopted when he updated his About page.

Reminiscent of the great poet Rumi, his poems speak of the soul’s eternal connection to Source. As humans encased in this seemingly solid form on earth, we often forget, yet yearn for, that connection; our rightful path is a spiritual one. I expect that once he is “discovered” by folks who are fond of Rumi and Hafiz, he will become quite popular indeed.

Currently taking a break from blogging to concentrate on finishing his PhD, I miss in my inbox his daily reminders to stay soul-centered. Instead, I keep this slim volume of his work to hand, a wonderful collection of over sixty of his most popular poems. Finally Back Home is a book that you will reach for again and again. I highly recommend it! It is available at

Here’s one of my favorites from the book:

The Place Where You Are
Lying on a bed of grass
Covered by the shade of stars
In the footsteps of the sun
The future and past have set
Only this moment exists
Existence is this moment
In the still quiet
You become its breath
The peaceful rhythm of Truth
Is the movement of your chest
How can there be answers
Where questions don’t exist?
In this one and only moment
Knowledge is unveiled
Fear become a lie
Worry disappears
With your seeing heart
You know everything is fine
The place where you are 
Is exactly
Where you need to be

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19 Responses to Finally Back Home

  1. mk says:

    A lovely poem. I especially like the line “You become its breath”.

  2. Thank you, Eliza, for bringing a review of this beautiful book to all of us. I also miss the daily interaction, and wish Ishan well in his work! I miss his posts, as you do, and hope he will share with us all again soon. Best wishes, WG

  3. Robbie says:

    wow..I headed over there and starting reading some of his poems….I could not stop reading them:-) I am not drawn to poetry either, but his stuff draws one in:-) thank you for sharing, I will be reading more….you are right he is very talented + gets it:-)

  4. dorannrule says:

    Lovely poetry and thank you for recommending this. 🙂

  5. Trini says:

    Oh, I miss him too!!!! 🙂 He is my favorite poet! 🙂 How beautifully you describe his poetry! 🙂

  6. ladyfi says:

    Oh, this is a lovely poem!

  7. I love this: “Only this moment exists …Existence is this moment…In the still quiet…You become its breath”

  8. Val Boyko says:

    I still miss his posts too Eliza. 🙏

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