Bees, Honey and Dirt Roads

I follow Vermont Farm Heart blog, where you can find lots of yummy recipes and a slice of country living. I reblogged this post because it could be a day in the life here where I live. I just love living in New England!

Vermont Farm Heart

On weekends when we really don’t have much going on (which is pretty rare lately) our favorite thing to do is just drive. Pick a country roadsdirection, a dirt road, and just go. No plans, no agenda, no lists, no time constraints. We haven’t actually been able to do this in quite a while so we were blissfully happy when we decided to take some time for ourselves this weekend.

We filled our water bottles, grabbed a can of almonds for the road, made sure we had our sunglasses and a little cash and set off. I love to look at gardens and so we meandered along slowing down for any farmhouse flower or vegetable gardens that caught my eye. Cows munched grass and we were lucky enough to see several rabbits and a whole gang of turkeys in a hay field. The corn is close

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  1. mk says:

    Oh so tempting!!!

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