Keep Your Bird Feeders Well-Stocked!


When it’s really cold outside, you may find that food disappears from any bird feeders you maintain at a faster-than-normal rate. Birds (and other animals) burn more calories when it is cold. That means they need more food to maintain their body weight.

Bird feeders are one source of food, but so are weed seeds, winter berries, nuts and any insects that can be pried out of their hiding spots for winter.

Think diversity when providing food for birds and read more at:Β

reprinted from YardMap

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8 Responses to Keep Your Bird Feeders Well-Stocked!

  1. We feed the birds and squirrels here at work Eliza and some mornings it looks like a Disney movie! The neighborhood cats also hang out looking for tasty feathered morsels but they’re fat and lazy most of the birds just laugh at them. Good advice as the cold approaches.

  2. I put out a buffet that would make the Ritz Carlton jealous. Feeding the birds is one of my winter joys. I also have a heated bird bath. Even a squirrel hopped in the other day for a drink. πŸ™‚

  3. Robbie says:

    ..they have us trained. They sit on the railing and look inside at us through our glass door and wait…and wait…until we move-lol…one of our winter joys:-)

  4. Great post! I am heading out to check our bird feeders now πŸ˜‰

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