Intuitive Insights


It isn’t always easy for us to make changes so we can greatly improve how we live our lives.  Often times we become aware that we want changes but we are not aware that we can start making them by simply shifting our perspective and seeing the world around us from a much larger and more expansive point of view—what I refer to as the “soul perspective.”  If you’re feeling stuck, take some time to get quiet and connect with your inner wisdom.  Ask what your next best step is in the area in which you seek change.  Then go on with your day being the best you can be.  A response will come to you.  It could be an opportunity.  It could be a sudden great idea.  It may come in any number of ways.  Watch and listen for it.  Be present and receive it when it comes.  It surely will come.

Reblogged from Peggy Nelson, Life Your Way Coaching

About Eliza Waters

Gardener, writer, photographer, naturalist
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