Wordless Wednesday

Lady fern fiddleheads

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Gardener, writer, photographer, naturalist
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74 Responses to Wordless Wednesday

  1. Ohhhhh . . . lovely photo Eliza!

  2. Jewels says:

    Beautiful, Eliza! I love the way ferns unfurl. I need some ferns in my life…

  3. Nature’s curl, adorable🤗💕

  4. Kathy Sturr says:

    Play that fiddle! Love, love, love ferns. Hope you’re staying dry Eliza!

  5. sandyjwhite says:

    I’m always amazed how those tiny fern curls turn into those lush, bushy plants!

  6. Anne says:

    Such promise is held in those tight curls unfurling in their own time.

  7. Alice Pratt says:

    So pretty! We saw many ferns, on our woodland & stream walk, on Monday, with daughter & grand-daughter & groups of Witchhazel trees to teach her about…fun name for a 4 1/2 year old!

  8. susurrus says:

    An orchestra of fiddleheads. Lovely.

  9. Robin says:

    Fiddleheads! Yay! I love ferns and the way they unfurl. Beautiful image, Eliza. ❤

  10. A beautiful sign of spring and Mother Nature at her best. 🙂

  11. One of the highlights of the year!

  12. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Pretty, i love seeing the fronds gradually unfold.

  13. David says:

    There’s something about this photo that makes me want to question what you’ve done.

  14. naturebackin says:

    Great depth and controlled energy. I love the way that they resemble creatures rather than that they are plants 🙂

  15. Lovely to see. Haven’t come across these here yet.

  16. cindy knoke says:

    Have you ever eaten them?

    • Eliza Waters says:

      This variety isn’t edible, but I have eaten Ostrich fern fiddleheads, which are edible. The window for harvest is only a few days before they unfurl, which I often miss. 😉 I think they taste somewhat nut-like. I often saute them with garlic, tamari or miso.

  17. Cathy says:

    Lovely photo Eliza. I was also going to ask if you can eat this sort. We once tried our ostrich fern fiddleheads as a sauteed ‘salad’ and they were quite fine, but I know you shouldn’t eat too many of them. With garlic or miso sounds good!

  18. I love ferns and when they are just shooting out they are gorgeous. Lovely image. (Suzanne)

  19. M.B. Henry says:

    Wow what a nice picture!

  20. Love the “golden spiral” and fractal geometry in ferns!

  21. Karen Lang says:

    The curls of life! Beautiful ☘🍃🍃

  22. AmyRose🌹 says:

    OOOOO goodie! I missed these in my gardens, Eliza. It is so wet around the gardens that my ferns are in I couldn’t get near them. Beautiful picture!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  23. One of my favorites. Somehow, I just can’t get enough of unfurling ferns.

  24. Widdershins says:

    Babies – cute, no matter what the species. 😀

  25. So beautiful! Spring is coming!

  26. Brian Skeys says:

    I am very frond of those. (Sorry I couldn’t resist the pun).😃

  27. pastpeter says:

    Ferns are to me one of the most evocative signs of early Spring!

  28. Jet Eliot says:

    A lovely spring photo, Eliza, full of life ahead as well as ancient reminders of life behind. Ferns go so far back in time.

  29. ecopoet says:

    Ah! the unravelling of Spring

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